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Do you sometimes feel stressed with the amount of people you need to buy for at christmas?

Apart from our children, we also buy for brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews, and in-laws on both sides. The majority are adults, with a couple of little ones. Even though we usually aim to get a $15-20 gift, and start picking things up throughout the year, it mostly totals around $250 all up, but sometimes I think fck it! wish we could spend that on ourselves, for a night away, or just to have in the bank, or whatever else we want to do as a family. I would ditch the whole thing if I could, but everyone gets together at one house for breakfast and lunch on the day, and everyone exchanges gifts! So I can't how we could cut it all out :-/


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We only buy presents for the kids ;) much easier, funner and less stressful

Yes, I'm always stressed around Christmas time. I wish that we could just focus on the kids in the family or even do secret Santa with the adults at least, but instead I find myself having to buy gifts for a whole heap of adults who frankly are incredibly hard to buy for. It may be a little selfish but we have very limited funds and usually have nothing left over after buying gifts for all of them to get my partner and I anything from eachother. It kind of annoys me that instead of just once being able to get eachother something we mighty really like we have to buy for everyone else stuff that they probably couldn't care less about and in turn get back presents that most of the time don't suit us at all.

 This is my life at christmas word for word. I know exactly where you are coming from.
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 It's so hard because I know christmas is all about giving to others etc but just once I wish we could get something for ourselves that we really want.
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Why can't my gift for the in laws be throwing them under the bus lol? They are the most ungrateful people ever

So bulk by a bunch of treats and make up a sweet treat hamper for each family. As a family not individuals. It still works out the same cost but you don't have to think about as many people, rather just the number of people in each hamper.... maybe I'm a bitch but that's what I do when I have to buy for everyone. I'm not santa claus nor am I a friggin billionaire. They are all prewarned it's happening that way and the kids might get a little something each as well like $5 in a card. We've started a trend now. My in laws all started following our idea. It's so much simpler.

 Yeh I think that's a great idea
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 What if they buy you all stuff individually though?
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 If you have pre-warned them then that's tough luck for them. I think it's ridiculous to expect everyone to get everyone else a gift. It's too much. Hubby and I both come from big families so it's insane to try and buy everybody individual presents. Besides the kids all get stuff from their parents and santa so their one gift from us + the hamper is quite enough. It doesn't have to be sweet treats. Maybe a household hamper of stuff they don't usually buy. Like the fancy shampoo and the luxury body wash.
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I cut back years ago. I only buy for my kids my husbands grandma my MIL and my mother. My brothers and sisters don't buy for us anymore and my husbands sister no longer buys for us. In stead we spend the day together and all bring something for lunch. the kids play together we have the water slide out and a pool out and everyone has fun.

On my side we have an adults kris kindle $50 per person as there are 10 adults. We also have a kids kris kindle so each child has one cousin to buy for. That's $20 per child. There are 12 cousins and it works great, the kids love it! So as a family we spend $160 on my family.

My husbands side however done believe in kris kindle and gift vouchers are viewed as impersonal. It seriously stresses me out. They won't even set a limit so while we spend around $40 on each of the 6 adults and $20 on the 5 kids totalling $360 all up, we tend to look like cheap arse holes because everyone else spends a lot more. I hate it.

My husband comes from a huge family, so Christmas definitely stresses me out financially.
Thankfully we've all decided to no longer buy for adults! It still leaves me to buy for 9 kids though, so my sil's and I got together and decided that we either do clothes or smaller gifts for all the kids

Christmas is a fun time but definitely can be stressful! If you can't afford it, just say that!

To those that have cut back on giving gifts to the adults, how did everyone take it? I would love to this but would probably get called a tight a*s.

 I stopped giving gifts to adults. The first year my brother asked me where his present was so I told him it was at the same place my one from him was - the shop lol. They are used to it now.
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List seemed to get longer every year so I started to cut back to now I only buy for the kids. Might sound a bit selfish but the first people I culled were the ones who expected a gift but never gave anything in return (my brother, sister, brother in law and his wife). My husband disagreed with me about that until we had our daughter last year and only my mother and MIL got her anything.

Last year was great, I had been putting money away all year, this year, I've got nothing AND we're hosting 😩 Faaaaaaark.

I get more stressed that I will forget to buy someone a gift! I write out lists and check who I have presents for a dozen times before Christmas day.

 Same here!
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 She's writing a list, she's checking it twice! 😂
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I buy for kids but only secret Santa for adults. I'm a single parent so I layby during the last few months and my kids only get 1 main present and one small present each.
This year they're sharing a big present and getting their small present. I've done that most years with swing set, trampoline etc.

For the adults in our family we do a kris kringal. We put all the adults names in a bowl and pick one out. If you get your name or your partners name you pick again. We have a limit of $30, this way everyone still gets a gift but no stress about buying one for everyone.

I would do small presents and if they don't like it that's their problem. It's the thought that counts!!!!