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Boyfriend has bad breath

Its only at night time when he's asleep, during the day its fine. It is really bad and makes me want to vomit. I have to find my own breathing space and I cant be near him which sucks because I like to cuddle into him. He wears a plate and I dont think he cleans it properly. I dont know the first thing about them though. How could i bring this up, or shouldnt i ? It does affect my sleep because i wake up gagging when he breathes in my direction.


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He should be doing this but cleaning the plate with toothpaste and warm water helps. Also soaking it in warm water with a sterident denture tablet helps get rid of bacteria too.
Does he brush his teeth before going to bed?
Also look into biotene dry mouth toothpaste which helps people who suffer from dry mouth and bad breath which he would be having from the plate

 ^good answer!
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My husband breathes all over me in his sleep too, I either face away from him or fold half my pillow up so half rests against his pillow. My pillow is in a sideways L shape, it blocks his breath.

 I do the pillow thing. No one has nice breath at night. I assume plate is a bit more icky. We sleep with a pillow between us.
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Have him rinse with antimicrobial mouth wash before bed and try a breathing strip on the nose

Most people have bad breath in the morning... When you're asleep the saliva sits in your mouth and bacterial builds there's not much he can do about it.