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Can someone please help me ?

My 2 year old is an early riser and I need someone to help during the week for 3 hours in the early morning between 6am-9am. Start time will be 6am or 6.30am at the latest. You will be required to play with the child and dress her up to childcare while I get ready to go to work. Around 8-8.30 I would take the little girl to childcare and you will need to tidy up the play area, tidy up her Room, do her laundry and than the shift will finish. I also need help on Saturday or Sunday from 6am or 6.30am till 1pm. Hourly rate is $22 to $25 ph depend on experience. Need someone with a car that can get to us early and looking for a long term ongoing arrangement.
I am in cairns


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I certainly wouldn’t be hiring from an anonymous forum.

 I agree, maybe look at a nanny agency?
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Is there a reason you aren’t able to do this yourself, particularly on a weekday? Do you need a sleep in, or does it take you a really long time to get ready for work? I’m not meaning to sound patronizing, I am genuinely curious?

 If you have the money to pay someone to do something you don't like doing, why not? I hire a cleaner cos I hate cleaning the bathroom. This lady wants to hire a morning nanny cos she hates the early shift.
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 I am a lawyer and takes me 1 hr to get ready
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 Yes, I agree if you have the money and don’t want to do it yourself hire someone, however most people manage this type of thing themselves. Furthermore, as a working mum I hate giving up any time with my kiddies. I have a cleaner and am happy to outsource that, but for me I’d rather get up early to get myself ready and then spend the mornings with the kids before they go to daycare and I go to work. I am an accountant.
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I’m in Perth, otherwise I’d apply. Easy job. You could probably do it yourself if you were more organised, but I’d do it if you paid me. Costs to post but amazing candidates. Otherwise fb babysitting/ au pair groups or

Have you considered an Au-Pair?
If you are able to provide accommodation then the Au-Pair will basically be a nanny/live in maid etc

Go to
You will find someone with experience.. Or Gumtree...

A friend of mine has just discovered a website called & has hired someone from there. Probably a safer option than an anonymous forum.