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I’m so mad right now!!

I am livid. I went to a party last night. Kind of a pre NYE party. It was supposed to be adults only. Anyway, someone brought their kid. I was a little irritated. That irritation turned into fury this morning. I woke up to like twenty emails from Amazon. A bunch of Santa apps were bought on my account along with other things. That little shit stole my tablet out of my purse when I wasn't looking and purchased a bunch of things. All the gift cards I got for Christmas? Almost completely wiped out. It took me over an hour to get refunds on them all. Luckily I didn't have any charges on my card. As if that wasn't bad enough, I contact the parent. I told her what her kid did. She blamed me! Apparently I shouldn't keep a tablet in MY PURSE. I told her she needs to actually watch her kid next time and that the next person might not be so nice. She called me a bitch. That's when I abandoned the whole nice thing and told her that she's raising a thief and I hope she enjoys visiting the kid in prison.


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Cool story
Needs more unicorns and glitter
The kid knew your passwords

Just out of interest... why would you take a tablet to a new year's eve party if you don't even need it, just for it to sit in your purse?
Not saying I wouldn't be furious that the kid had helped himself to it, but just wondering why you'd take something like that to a party anyway?

Wow. I wouldve let her have it if she's blaming the victim. Don't you wish you had taken laxative chocolate in ur purse now

This could be actual sister's son was like that , ready to steal any thing from anyone other than his mum. He removed and brought home his teacher's car rearview camera during lunch break rwhen he was 7.He stole wallet of his karate master ended up lifelong No more karate. His dad was in business of selling mobile phoNes, tablets. One day dad came home with a smart watch to sell a costomer. It was all wraped. Dad opened it at the shop infront of customer only to find out empty box. Son has taken the $500 smart watch to school within 2-3 minutes and rewrapped the box as it is.
He is such a thief to his age my sis in heart broken as nothing can make him stop robbing thongs..

 That escalated quickly.
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 Thongs have a huge resale value. Especially overseas.
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That's quite impressive, if that kid doesn't grow up to be one of those computer masterminds like that red headed woman on CSI it will be a waste.

Do you know for sure he is the person who stole your tablet?

The guilty person needs to take responsibility for sure, but there is a lesson here for you too. If you’re going to take your tablet out and leave it unattended, put a password on it. Leave valuables at home, be smart! Dont make it easy for sticky fingered people.