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Do you have a family member that you HATE? And I mean the “I’ll dance on your grave” kind of hatred?

I wish I could just cut her out of the entire family. Or erase her from ever existing.


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Get a hobby maybe you send some that energy somewhere positive

 Or a voodoo doll. Voodoo is a hobby isn’t it? 😜
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 It's possible you might learn something about it's history so yeah i guess it qualifies
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Well she is not part of my family but still part of my life unfortunately, ex MIL. I don't speak to my Dad and probably wont be upset when he dies but I won't be feeling like dancing on his grave. But my oh my, I will be dancing like a crack wh**e trying to earn her next hit on the ex mils grave.

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Overheard a conversation in the supermarket today between two ladies who I guess would have been in their late 50s early 60s.
"Do you miss your mum? (I'm guessing that she died). "
"No, not really."
"Me, either. Mine was a real bitch and treated me like shit. I'm glad she's gone."

I am guessing she dances on the grave.

Yes, my dads brother deliberately gave my grandma higher than prescribed levels of medication to dope her up while he used tens of thousands of her money. He then dumped her and my grandfather at the train station two states away from the rest of the family and told them to find their way back as he wasn’t going to ‘care’ for them anymore as they were ungrateful (questioned where all their savings had gone). Grandma died about 6 weeks later. Foul man. And his wife and kids too. Hate them all. No proof except what grandma told us about sleeping all the time and not being able to remember things. Grandad couldn’t communicate due to stroke unfortunately taking his speech. Grandad ended up with SFA money to live off and spent the rest of his days pretty miserable in an aged care home. If I saw those people in the street I’d spit on them. All for a bit of money.

 OP here: without going into specifics, your dad’s brother sounds like he has a lot in common with my family member.
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Yep I do and I have done both of those

 All I can say Op, is while I’ve been there, and I don’t wish to disclose the details, after cutting out people and sending energy to a positive place, you do learn to forget about those people, and the hurtful, spiteful, painful things they’ve done /attempted to do. They barely even register as a memory. Birthdays forgotten, christmas is ‘normal’ with the family that is there. It hurts at the start. But no more after a while, time does help to heal.
All I can say is only cut them out if you think they really deserve it and have severely hurt you. You don’t want it to hurt severely afterward if it is not the right decision for you.

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 OP here: this person definitely deserves it. She makes everybody miserable on purpose. I don’t want to go into details but she is a compulsive liar, a thief and a professional victim. The only time I think of her is when she’s managed to stuff up my life again and I’ve had to go into damage control mode AGAIN or when I’ve had to help another family member who’s being tormented by her. The world will be a much better place when she’s not in it (it’ll be safer too)
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Yep, my dad.
Can’t wait until he dies. I will go and dance onnhis grave in front of his wife with a massive smile on my face, laughing my arse off too! 😁

My daughter in law and her whole family

 Lol you must be from the other thread
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Yup, my Dad and that entire side of my family. Also MIL and SIL can go screw, but thats not the same type of deep hate.