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Is this weird???

So hubby has a friend, they're close but don't see each other all the time. Any way every 2 months or so we catch up for dinner. Last time was our place, was a great night. We just went to their place and as we were leaving he handed us a receipt for our food we ate and asked for the money. I find it rude? Then I think maybe they're struggling financially or something? I felt very odd about the whole situation. We paid for our own food.


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Yes that’s weird! If you can’t afford to have a friend over for dinner, have them over for coffee instead.

OP That's what I thought? I didn't even want the bloody dinner. I didn't enjoy it but forced most of it down to be polite, then I had to bloody pay for it. And it wasn't exactly cheap haha
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Money issues is still not an excuse, I've fed guests before when I have been broke and never even thought about charging!

I would have written them a cheque on a blank piece of paper. To former friends. Pay to the value of f**k you. Signed don't contact us ever.

 Hahah! Yeah this is a good idea.
I would have clutched at my pockets and said
“Oh no I didn’t bring money I didn’t think we’d need it”. I’ll have to get it to you tomorrow I’ll go to the bank especially. And then don’t respond to any calls or msg from them.

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 “Do you take card?” 😂😂😂
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 What nasty responses, me sure they felt very embarrassed having to ask for money.
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 No. If it’s embarrassing for you to not be able to afford friends over for dinner, you just don’t have them over. Asking for them to pay for their meals is next level rude. And presumptious too.
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I can't stand overly stingy people like this

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Tell them if they are going to charge Supply a menu at least you order what you want to eat and they didn't even supply dessert with a meal for $4o

Your husband's friend should have taken the financial issue up with him well before the dinner. It should have been sorted in advance

Yeah, that's really weird. What did they make for dinner, and what did they charge? What it excessive for the food/ingredients (I.e. Are they making a profit off of you for having you over)?

They sound like the sort of people who I would avoid from now on.

OP We had smoked steaks (hubby and him are meat smokers) with salads. He charged us $40 each.
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 😮 $40 each?
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 Holy crap! You could get a decent meal out for that!!!
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 Bloody hell! $40!? That's ridiculous!

I wouldn't have paid them. I would have told them to get stuffed. They can't invite you over and then charge you, expecting you to seriously pay, let alone, remain friends afterwards. They should have mentioned up front that they're charging, at least.

Sounds like they're out for profit.

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That's crazy. Don't they realise it's setting a precedent, you could turn around & do the same thing now - I'm sure they wouldnt like that. This is maximum strangeness. They should have just change it to coffee & a tea cake if they're having money troubles. I'd be questioning if they actually do want to catch up with you if that's the way they're carrying on.

OP They're always asking to catch up. I don't think they have any friends.
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 I wonder why they don’t have friends 😦
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 If they ask to catch up again, I'd reply with 'are you going to charge us again? As we're a bit tight on money at the moment'. Then see what they say.
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If it's take away food I do think it's ok they wanted money if it's homemade that's strange

 Yeah but you’d discuss payment of the take out etc before going to get it though surely.
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OP It was home made! The thought of having them pay at ours didn't even cross my mind. We offered to host so we paid!
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Invite them over for a meal via text and include your bank details where they can deposit the money for the meal you are going to prepare. $100 including a small dessert and a welcome drink would be a fair price. It would also be helpful to send them a copy of the drinks menu with prices so they can budget. If they choose to BYO let them know the corkage charge ahead of time so they aren't surprised.

That's a little bizarre. But if it was me I'd just distance myself from them from this point forward. It doesn't make them bad people just odd. And I agree that maybe next time they invite you over for a catch up, suggest a coffee catch up instead.

That is rude and weird. You’re probably right that they’re struggling financially. I just don’t understand how they could bill you.
Need to know. Was it a printed itemised bill or just a written out one? Drinks included with the meal? Seems so odd, I’m so curious.

OP Written out, drinks weren't included because we brought our own. But they charged us for the meat, salads and bread rolls.
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 Wow. That’s just.... I have no words. They wrote it out and even charged you for bread rolls. Not even restaurants charge for bread rolls
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Yeah, it's a bit weird...... did they do the inviting?
Maybe if finances are an issue, they could suggest a gourmet night at 'home' & share the menu items eg. I'll do this & that, can you bring these things ....
Or you could be spiteful & take your own meals next time, say you're on a diet/ eating/ meal plan.