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Do you have breast implants? Would you get them? What are your experiences?

Answered 2 months ago

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2 months ago
Yes, I have them. Life-changing levels of confidence and added attention from my husband (as well as a plethora of other men).


2 months ago
What does your husband think when you are topless? I worry they dont look or feel real to be a turn on for my husband if I got them? And how did you find the scarring?

2 months ago
I went with a very, very good plastic surgeon in Perth, so there is next to no scarring. He did an amazing job and the scarring is barely noticeable.

The implants take 12-18 months to settle. So while they may look a little unnatural at first, just wait a few months and they will settle and look more natural.

Only my closest friends and husband know that they are implants. No one else can tell, even when I’m at the beach (or nude beach once or twice 🤣). But…be prepared for a lot more male attention. I only went to a full C cup, but the difference in terms of male attention, where it be when I’m out with my husband, girls night or even at my kids school, the increase in male attention is staggering.

2 months ago
3 friends that got them in the past have all had them removed now.
All between 15-20 years of having them.
Chose to over replacing them.
Personally I would have had them replaced if it was me but I don’t really know their circumstances.
I would love weight lose surgery and some nips and tucks , just can’t afford it

3 months ago
I have had them for 5 years now and don’t regret them just wish I’d chosen a plastic surgeon instead of cosmetic. They look great just could be better