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Tubal ligation

Answered 1 year ago

Wondering if anyone has had a tubal ligation and could share their experience? The good, bad and ugly!! I'm due for a c-section in 9 weeks and contemplating getting mine done as we are well and truly done. But have heard some stories that's making me reconsider. Thanks xx

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1 year ago
Yeah I did when I had had enough of the baby making at age 25 when my second son was born via c section.
No negative side effects. Definitely have not gotten pregnant. That was all 17 years ago.
The healing was no different to the first c section so I don’t really think the tubal added anything.
No regrets here. My periods haven’t changed at all in any way.

People and their “stories”. Heard a lot of those about this and that when my son went through chemo after being diagnosed with leukaemia .... most were unhelpful negative bs I could of done without.

1 year ago
I've had done 9 years ago. I had a c-section and Dr did it right there. The bad part is the healing time after the c-section. A plus is you don't have to worry about birth control. My first menstrual cycle after getting tubal ligation was heavy and I had to take midol or pamprin for the cramps. Hope this helps.

1 year ago
I was given that option and declined. Looking back it would have been much better than going through dramas with Mirena and then a copper IUD. Enjoy new bubs!