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Do you put frozen meat into your slow cooker?

I have always done it, even with a big silverside but I read that it isn't a good idea I'm an article today.


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Yep I do, have put all cuts, even a whole frozen chicken! Rubbed spice mix on outside, placed potatoes, carrot and onions under chicken and left all day on low while at work, came home to an amazing chicken dinner.

 Rub spice mix on frozen chicken?
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To be honest I've never thought about putting a frozen price of meat in the slow cooker as I normally brown the meat before putting it in.

 Blast auto correct, piece not price!
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I always brown it in the pan sometimes it is frozen or still frozen in the middle but usually I thaw and fry quickly with the spice and onion before putting it all in the slow cooker

I always put frozen meat in, whole chickens in particular 8-9 hrs on low. We are all still healthy 😁 to be honest I hadn't heard of people defrosting first.

No, only defrosted and sometimes seared. Never put frozen in sorry, have put frozen veg in though

Always defrosted I didn't think you could put frozen stuff in