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Thinking about death since second baby born... NOt depressed is it normal?

I don't think I am going to die tomorrow, I just think I will die at 80 or 100 or whatever but it feels close.. And life is feeling futire I mean, I have a kid 2 of them, what was the meaning of my life before that? It's gone, should I have had babies out of school instead of travel, party, study, work? Since is life just about family and kids. I may have had something physically wrong as doctors said fine but I started taking vitamins and now feel much better and less foggy brained but still deep thinking. I wonder what is point of it all?


Answers (2)

That is such a big question. The meaning of it all. I can’t answer that. But I can say this....... I don’t think that now I’m a parent my pre kid life had no meaning. It did. To me, at the time. Life is fluid. Always changing. Right. now with young children dependent on you, your purpose is raising them. When they are grown and making their own way in the world your focus will change again. Of course, you will still love them. They will still be the people you love the most. But your purpose will be different.