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What is your favourite movie genre?


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Slasher films. I watched The Terrifier last night. Omg. That movie was nuts 😱🤡

 That movie was insane
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 I like scary movies but i heard about chainsaw and the vagina so i skipped that one
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 ^ I watched it and now I can't unsee it. It was just a regular saw 🤮😱
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 In my opinion there's lines that don't need to be crossed - too far movie people
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All of the above. Decent movies are hard to come by these days. I can't even tell you the last good movie I saw.

I like lots of different sorts, but definitely not horror/slasher.

Psychological thrillers. But they have to be really, really good as I figure most out pretty quickly.

Also clever comedies and paranormal thrillers.

Definitely no horror or sci fi.

 Same here!
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Psychological thrillers!!!!! My fave!!! Love a mind f**k.