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Describe your morning school routine ? How do the kids act ?


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I wake up. Yell and scream. Kids ignore me.
The end.

 This is me too!
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I wake up at 6:30am . Sometimes a kid or two is up before me and getting ready for the day.
7am wake whoever is not awake yet. Help 7 year old get breakfast and remind 7,9 and 10 year old what they should be doing. Get frustrated because someone out of of the 4 kids have lost their shoe, library book, brush, hair tie.
7:30am 12 year old rides bike to school.
7:45am If hubby is working a morning Shift, tell other 3 kids to hurry up and get out the door because we will be late. Start walking to school. Talk about anything and everything On the way to school
8:30am drop kids at school and enjoy my walk home

My mornings run smooth most of the time except for the lost something. 2 kids are always snappy with each other but I can never guess who it will be.

 Tell me how great your life is
Love my fur babies no dramas

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 ^ are you talking about dogs? .... Sad
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 ^nothing sad about fur babies. You should get one. At least then you have a chance of something loving you for a change
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 people love dogs, dogs dont love people.
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 Lol solid burn, no such thing as a fur baby.
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 Sounds very similar to my place, which makes me feel normal! Hahaha

And the comment about fur babies - seriously? Why are you even here haha

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 Hope your kids are barren
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I wake up around 7:15. Kids get up at 7:45. They have breakfast, lunches get packed and they get dressed. We are out the door at 8:40. Most mornings are pretty smooth sailing but I have older kids. Oldest is in year 8 and school starts at 9. Youngest is year 4 and school starts at 9:25. He likes to get there early to play. I am back home by 9:05 to start my day, I work from home.

I get up at 6:30 have a coffee in the quiet. If the kids are nit awake yet I’ll wake them at 7:15. They pack their own lunch, get their own breakfast. I remind them about some things (water bottles etc) they walk to school at 8:10 then I clean the house!

 This is us almost exactly except we drive because we are too far from school to walk and i have a baby
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I get out of bed and shower 7.15-7.30. It wakes the kids up. They lay around despite me trying t to get them dressed. One decides she wants to shower. Other refuses to get dressed.
I try and get school lunch packed and brekky ready for kids and throw a smoothie together for myself. Hubby showering in this time.
He’s ready for work hopefully by this time kids are dressed at least. I throw toast into car with kids and off we go; late!
The mornings suck honestly. And even when we have a great one the day will somehow turn to shit.
Yes my life sucks :(

 .....not as much as the weirdo on here with ‘fur babies’ 😶....

❤️ Keep going love xx

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 I suspect a post was deleted above the fur babies one
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 Thank you for the love. It’s hard while the kids are still young and having some other difficulties :( but we just keep going.....

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Animals, pure animals

 It’s how you raise them
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 Thats not true, i have two perfect children and one animal, all have been raised the same.
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 Thought you referred to your kids as dogs
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Alarm goes at 4.30am. Up, shower, cuppa tea while making lunches. One wakes at 4.45am to shower. Leave 5.20am to drop 1 at train for work. Home, washing, dishwasher etc. Leave at 7am for school train drop off.... either straight to work for me or home for half an hour then leave for work.
Mostly organised but ddoesnt always go to plan.

 Your life sucks
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 Obviously your does too. Why else would u keep saying the exact same miserable shit all the time
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Night before I lay out their uniform, socks and shoes. Pack lunches. In the morning get up around 7-7:30 and they are dressed. I get them breakfast and they get tv time while they eat. They get their lunch boxes and water bottles out of the fridge and put into their bags. Onto the bus by 8:30

430 we adults wake up to get hubby ready for work and spend some time together before the kids are up.
5-530 our whispers and tiptoeing wake the kids up/I start to wonder if we're actually elephants who just think we're human/I begin to question the caffeine content of the coffee we buy
530-6 hubbys gone to work, the kids and I have a little cuddle while we watch cartoons
6-630 feed them and pack their lunches
630-7 sweetly ask them to get dressed/tell them they need to be getting dressed now
7-730 yell at them to get dressed ffs and "no YOU have to find your shoes, mummy's having a shower"
730-8 find their shoes/redress whichever kids have decided that they're now nudists and have stripped off/change another nappy/do the girls hair
8-810 "shit we have to leave". Launch the baby into the pram/re-tie shoe laces/threaten to tape socks onto 4 year olds feet if she takes them off one more time/grab the bags/walk out the door
810-830 "yes guys it's fun to race to school, haha I bet I can beat you to the next street light!"
830-840 "we're here, no buddy I didn't pack your homework, that was your job not mine, sorry champ you'll have to bring it tomorrow. Wait, what do you mean there's an excursion and the money's due today? Why am I only just hearing about this now? Okay whatever, I'll sort it out. Go to class I love you all bye bye darlings. Bye honey. No, you have to stay in your class room. Look, all your friends are here. And I'll pick you up this afternoon after you've had a good play. Love you" and then the baby and I skip merrily into the morning because we're freeeeeeee (for 6 hours)

Generally my kids are good at their school routine. They do what needs to be done and we somehow make it out usually on time. It SHOULD be easier when dad has a day off work and can help but we always run late those days.... 🤔

 Your life sucks
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 "Your life sucks" - not as much as yours, clearly 😂 what's worse than watching paint dry? Being the commentator for paint drying 😂
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 "Your life sucks" - not as much as yours, clearly 😂 what's worse than watching paint dry? Being the commentator for paint drying 😂
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 ^did you respond to your own reply?
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My kids are older, 12 and 14. I wake them up by 7:20. They sort themselves out, i drop them to school

 Similiar. Mine are 13 and 14. I get up 6.45. They get up 7-7.15. Get themselves ready.
On bus at 8.10. I leave for work then too. It’s not always smooth - they nitpick at each other most days!

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Wake 7:15, coffee, kids breakfast, pack recess for one kid (orders lunch everyday), teenager sorts her self out and gets her self where she has to be, two younger ones get dressed, 3 year old is usually a nightmare, run through spelling words with 7 year old either walk or drive to school. Teenager is mostly grumpy on in the morning, im a bit of biatch too.... Mornings never been my favourite thing.

I wake the kids up at 7.15am, they get themselves ready (they are 11 and 14 years old) and we leave for school at 8.10am.

My morning daycare routine is easy. I start work at 7, which means the kids need to be at daycare by 6:30. I usually get them there by about 6:25 so that I have a few minutes to say goodbye rather than just dropping and running.
I wake up at 5:30, I get dressed, wake the kids up, change the toddlers nappy and get them into the car by 6am and off we go. They eat breakfast at daycare so I don’t need to cover that.