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What time each day do you stop doing housework?

Sometimes I find myself still doing things around the house at 10pm. Do you quit doing stuff once dinner dishes are done? Or once your children are in bed? I probably need to draw the line somewhere, but if things need picking up or tidying still, I will do it, as I don't want to wake up to mess!


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I had to set specific hours for cleaning or in would just go all day. I clean daily from 11-1 while my 2 lil ones nap

I clean up throughout the day. The kids are responsible for putting their things away before bed. I'll wash up any dishes that need it and wipe down the kitchen after dinner and then I'm done. It helps that my kids are 6 and 10 and don't make as many messes as they used to.

About 8:30pm kids are put to bed and sleeping and my husband and I spend time together if he is on day shift

I finish after dinner so around 6pm, hubby is home and its our time :)

As long as the kitchen & lounge room are clean then I stop about 7.30. My husband does books & bed, so that gives me time for those 2 things. I may do a couple loads of washing tho if Im in the right mood once or twice a week.

Around 8pm. Dinner, bath kids put bed, clean up after dinner. Tidy and then time with my hubby :)

I clean till it's finished. I actually enjoy midnight mopping, I put my headphones in and sing while mopping with no distraction.

 when do you have sex ?
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 I'm single but I used to have sex with my ex on the nights I didn't mop or wash for longer and every other night we would have a quick 30 min in between.
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With a 6 month old, 2 and 5 yr old. I do it when it's finished, because I get interrupted so much.

Start when the kids wake up, finish after midnight most nights. Just me and the kids, who get into EVERYTHING. Kid locks don't worry them, they've broken them all. Got pest control coming tomorrow so it'll be another all night clean, just hoping the kids don't stay up all night again... visitors really screw with routine :(

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