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Im about to move after ending marriage, with 3kids and wondering what ways i can keep groceries budget at or below $250 per fortnight
Any tips etc would be greatly appreciated


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So think casseroles bulked with veg, I slice potatoes add what every veg, mix 1 cup of cream with a 75c french onion soup mix mixed together, poured over the top, with cheese and bake until potatoes are soft
Bulk spaghetti
Bulk chilli con carne with rice
Savoury mince on toast
Add one splurge meal, we do home made takeaway, burgers and chips for our treat.

I have not been in the situation but meal plan, bulk cook and frozen vegetables are always to keep the grocery bill down.
Good luck

I have a family of four- we spend 200 a week on groceries. We buy most things at Aldi. We have 2 meatless meals a week (one night homemade veggie loaded pizza with garlic bread, another egg based- omelette, quiche etc and salad.) one night is fish (could be tuna based, but usually good quality bung in the oven fish), one night is chicken based (stir fry or just grilled with a spice rub), one night is beef mince based (spaghetti bol or chilli con carne or rissoles or meatloaf). One night is sausages( with mash, or curried etc) one night is chuck steak or lamb off cuts (cheap cuts of red meat) in the slow cooker in stock all day, then take meat out, rest under foil and make gravy with leftover juice. separate any bones, big gristle etc from meat, put meat and gravy together and make pies with storebought puff pastry and serve with veg and sweet potato mash. We save buying steak etc for the odd weekend bbq lunch or when we go out. The kids have bento box style lunch boxes with really good sealing lids (you can even put yoghurt in and they won’t leak) and a thermos each to take leftovers sometimes). I don’t buy individual packets of snacks, just have a large pack and divvy into lunch boxes each day. The kids have a sandwich or wrap if they are not having leftovers, then they have two fruits, one veg (cucumber or carrot usually), a couple of handfuls of popcorn or plain corn chips or rice crackers, a handful of sultanas, a serving of yoghurt or cheese (I cut my own cheese sticks from a big block, same goes for sliced cheese on sandwiches) and then a small piece of homemade cake or two plain biscuits or choc wafers. When they come home I give them a chocolate smoothie for afternoon tea and if they are still hungry the fruit bowl is open til 4.30pm, then they have to wait for dinner. If you’re not needing food for husband it will probably make things a lot cheaper anyway. Good luck!

 Do you mean $200 per fortnight?
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 Really great helpful advice. I could learn a lot from this actually. Thank you
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I am also facing the same problem!!

But I want to wish you only the very best of luck in your new future 🌻

Be smart about where you shop. Places like Aldi help, special bulk vege places too. Buy massively during sales of products you use, like our favourite cereal is usually 7dollarss, but every now and again it is half price. I buy like 10, but always feel I should buy like 30 because it is such a staple for a couple of my kids and husband. Bake bulk snacks for lunch boxes too, muffins etc and always have milk and bread extra in the fridge to avoid extra trips to the shops.

Add some meatless meals to your menu like: pasta bake, pizza, eggs-scrabbled/ poached/ boiled/ omelettes, gnocchi, veggie stir fry, potato wedges with sour cream and sauce, fried rice, baked beans on toast, cheese toasties, soups, ravioli

Make kids snacks: jelly, pikelets, muffins, popcorn, cupcakes, slices (freeze what you can). Buy big bags/ boxes/ tubs of chips, biscuits, sultanas and yoghurt and divide them up yourself instead of buying individual serves.

Breakfast: cheap and filling cereals like weet bix and porridge are great.

Dinner: chilli con carne, Spaghetti Bolognese and savoury mince can be bulked up with veggies, beans and lentils- serve as nachos, tacos, in wraps, stuffed potatoes, loaded potato gems, pasta, on toast.

There are some great ideas on the budgeting/savings pages of this site! Good luck

Wraps are easy & affordable. Salad & little bit of chicken or mince (make a big batch divide it up for smaller meals) some kind of sauce or mayo.