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How to Make Vegetable Stock In The Slow Cooker

Asked 1 month ago

10 mins Prep
8 mins Cook
BUT ' high for 2 hours' for onions to develop flavour and 'allow the slow cooker to bubble away a further six hours'. I do receive your newsletters which up until now I have filed away on the computer without reading properly. PLEASE amend your recipe on your website as using a slow cooker for eight minutes is a waste of a slow cooker. The 2 hours for cooking the onions ( to release the flavour) - O.K. and the further six hours makes sense. As I stated I have been collecting your newsletters and only reading the recipe titles. They have all sound like I want to cook. At present due to medical problems I don't fancy cooking very much but come June/July I hope to be back to my old self and using the slow cooker a bit more. Kind regards Kay B. Meltone Vic Aust

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"Making Vegetable Stock In The Slow Cooker is really simple and makes the most of using little bits and pieces of vegetables that you use in day to…"

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