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Why do people say they have a migraine and it’s a headache ? Also say they have the flu and it’s a cold


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Coz they’re sooks. I suffer from really really bad headaches but I will never call them migraines because I see the hell my friend and my brother go through with theirs. They were diagnosed young and require medication. I think some people just need attention.

This annoys the shit out of me.
No sally we wouldn’t be talking if you were sick with the flu. Or a migraine for that matter.
I had the flu once that turned into pneumonia and it honestly felt like I was going to die. I spent 6 nights in hospital.

Also I didn’t know what a migraine was till I had one, I couldn’t stand light. My mum took me to the doctor (I was 21) and I had a towel over my head the whole way cos I couldn’t take the light and the sound was like daggers in my ears.
No hunny you don’t have a migraine, we are talking and you’re fine

 I went to the hospital with a migraine and the nurse was very amused that I kept telling her she needed to shh cause she was talking too loud lol. I also had my sunglasses on inside and they gave me an injection which bought it from agonising to bearable and I sat in my room with the blackout curtains closed and the door shut. I got a few of them all of a sudden and upon investigating my doctor decided it was stress related, put me on antidepressants and anxiety meds and I dont get them anywhere near as much now. Until I actually suffered a migraine I presumed they were basically the same thing. No, they are definitely not.
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I feel the same!! Pisses me off because it detracts from real migraines and real flu.

Unless someone gets migraines they don't understand how debilitating they are. It's not something you can ever describe & some people just think they're a bad headache.
I've been through every invasive and painful procedure possible to find a cause or manage the pain. Thankfully I now have medication that I only need when I have a migraine (they come & go). It allows me to live a normal life without daily medication.
The cold/flu thing is usually a lack of understanding on the difference.

How do you know how they are feeling?

 Migraines and flu are not a “feeling”, they are a medical condition which you either have or not. I think that’s the point.
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 Which you feel the symptoms of and your body reacts to. Believe me I feel my migraines and the self injector needles I must use to control them and the sensation of the vomiting.
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 Cold lasts a couple of days, bit of sniffles, cough, bit of a temp. Rest up in bed. Drink fluids.

Flu 6 weeks plus. People get hospitalized. If they catch it early enough you can have antivirals. You are in a hospital room quarantined from everyone else. People DIE!

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 Well my colds don't last a few days, i wish! always a week & i know it's not the flu. I'm quite little i don't know if that would effect it at all. I think each person's body probably reacts a little differently depending on different factors.
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 I had a cold that lasted about a month. IT WAS NOT THE FLU! That's the difference
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My brother gets migraines but just thought they were bad headaches. One night it was so bad he started bashing his head against the wall thinking it would release some pressure in his head. He staggered down the street to hospital and collapsed in the front entrance. That was the night he learnt they were migraines and he now has medication to help him through. The poor guy suffered so much. so I really hate it when I bump into people out shopping and they say oh I have a migraine right now.

I suffer from migraines but take medication from the Dr as soon as I get symptoms - therefor I can feel like crap, sore head, horrible pain behind eyes, usually to one side of the head etc but it is at a much duller sensation and I can function as though I have a 'headache' and get by at work though I feel rather miserable and just want to be left alone. If I don't take that medication straight away I am in bed in darkness and pain, eyes watering unable to sleep it's so bad unless there is something strong to knock me out. At times I feel dizzy/ faint / nauseous but not as bad as some people. Don't make assumptions.

 Then it's a headache. You take the medication and it reduces from migraine to headache. Noone is assuming anything you idiot.
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 No, it’s a treated migraine. Different causes, triggers, treatment and presentation a lot of the time.
And why be so rude? The poster above wasn’t aggressive and you came out swinging!

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 To the first reply, you are a fool. It was a migraine. Whether it's treated with medication or not she had a migraine!
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 People are making assumptions. That just because someone appears OK or not too bad that they don't suffer from migraines. I get both, mostly the symptoms start out the same. Sometimes it can be a headache, then other times if I am oblivious assuming it will just be a bad headache, it will go to migraine. I've vomited, almost fainted, my eyes water so badly, sometimes on one side, absolute pounding in my head that I just need to sleep but it's sometimes so bad I can't sleep. Laying down is uncomfy, so I try to sit up but also just am dying to be able to lay down. I pop what the Dr has prescribed as soon as I get the first niggle. If I let it go too long, the medication doesn't help.
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 Rizatriptan is what I take it's amazing mostly. Can take up to 30 minutes to work, they generally give it to you as no other painkillers work effectively. After a while it can make a huge difference.
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The old bat in community setting matched up to my door to tell me to shut my kids up who were playing at the front cause she has a migraine
I said your husband is in garage using a drill
The old bat put her hand up and said stop do as I say and she wouldn’t let me talk

Flu and the common cold are both respiratory illnesses but they are caused by different viruses. ... Colds are usually milder than flu. People with colds are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds generally do not result in serious health problems, such as pneumonia, bacterial infections, or hospitalizations.

I'm a migraine sufferer so I though I knew the difference. I basically always had a bad headache that never went away in between my migraines. I was eventually ended up on medication to prevent the migraines. The doctor said it will only cure the migraines not the headaches. After about 2 weeks my bad headaches were gone. I spoke to the doctor about it when I saw him next. He said they were mild migraines. So what I'm getting at is a bad headache can be a migraine. Also everyone's pain threshold are different.
But allot the cold vs flu yes that annoys me.

I get migraines but I don’t judge people for using the term incorrectly. People who have never experienced a migraine truly do not know what they are like. They get a bad headache and they think oh, I’ve got a migraine. But a migraine, at least for me, is so much more than a bad headache. It’s a full body experience. I’ve got a headache yes but I’ve also got sensitivity to light, sound and strong smells. I want to vomit. Every move I make makes the pain worse, even breathing too hard hurts. On my worst days my fingertips, nose and lips go completely numb and I get extremely emotional. I take meds and lay down in a dark room when I can. Other days, I take the meds and push on with my day because I have no other choice.