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Has anyone ever won a large sum of money through something like lotto or Cash Cow? I enter hoping to get lucky & I'd love to hear stories when it has actually happened for you/someone you know!


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I won 620k in the lotto. I was and still am a sole parent at the time. I outright bought the kids and i a home and paid off my car and banked the rest of the money. I gave each of my children $10k and invested it for them till they are 21. No one knows. I mean my family knows i won, but not how much. I just kept it to myself and still live the same life, sticking to a budget and making sure that i dont over spend. I just know that if i needed to put a new roof on my house, i could afford it. I once was in a very delicate situation with my kids-and i never want to be there again. So i keep a savings account to make sure of that.

 Centrelink knows

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 Centerlink sure does know. But that's for ftb purposes or whatever. I was never getting money before or after the win. I work full time and support y kids!! Them knowing didnt change my payments one bit. $0 before and $0 after!!
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OP Amazing! Congratulations! I am in a similar situation & dream of this happening to me - winning enough money to not have to worry about finances any more, but not a crazy amount that you go silly with (oh who am I kidding - as if I wouldn't love 50 mill!!). Sounds like you were very sensible with the money - well done!!
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 Thank you op. Of course i wouldnt turn down 50 mil either. But im happy with what i have for myself and the children and we make do with what we have. I wish you good luck. Ill put good karma out towards you to win.
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OP Thanks Hun - I'll take any good karma I can!! While not banking on it your story has given me hope that it can happen!! Enjoy your financial stability & not having to worry about money day to day - you deserve it!!!
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I won a trip for 2 to Germany for the soccer world cup once. Flights, accomodation, transport, game entry and tours all paid for for a week.

OP How cool!
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Iv won 200,000 off a $5 scratchy
I also won a JetSki off a magazine Comp

I win small stuff all the time

My uncle won 1.6million in lotto (a 15mil prize split)

Think my grandparent won something like 700k in lotto too

OP Wow - such a lucky family!! Incredible! Good to hear it DOES happen!! Thanks for sharing!
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People win, and of course it’s possible to win huge amounts if you enter. But the odds you will are very, very low. So do not count on it if you enter.

OP Yes you're right - I just love hearing stories of people who did get lucky! I figure someone gets lucky - why can't it be me??!! I don't spend huge amounts of money so the likelihood of winning is small, but I'll always have hope!!
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 I'll tell you who gets lucky. The gambling companies who are getting $10 from you (and millions of others) every single week and giving nothing back. Gambling is a big scam and an even bigger waste of your money. If you put $10 a week in a jar, in a year you'd have $5,200. If you put it in a bank account with interest you'd have even more. Think of it like your own personal lotto.
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OP You are 100% right of course. I have considered doing just this - I just can't help enter now & then on the one in a million chance I'm the winner!!
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 Well… I wouldn't say she's 100% right since $10 x 52 is $520, not $5200. But other than that she is probably right, though a bit of a wet blanket
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OP Haha - that's what I get for skimming over it quickly! I got her point but missed the detail 😂😂😂 Looking at it from the other angle - you've got to be in it to win it!
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 ^^think you need to double check your calculations love. $10 a week for a year is $520! You would need to save $100 a week to reach $5200 in a year!!
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My retired neighbours won tattslotto. Over $200k. They didn’t tell their family or anyone else. He was semi retired at the time. She had been very ill for a long time. Waiting on a heart transplant. The money allowed him to retire. Install solar panels. Buy a new (used) car and caravan and go on a couple of modest holidays (caravan trips for a week or two at a time and one interstate holiday with flights & accomodation to visit family). It really just allowed them to tick a few things off their bucket lists. The wife passed away earlier this year and it’s lovely to know they we’re able to enjoy that time together.

OP Oh how fantastic - I love hearing stories like this! Smart move not telling anyone they had won! How lovely they were able to spend her last years enjoying life & each other. Thanks for sharing.
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I won betting on horses I got the trifecta and ended up with 68k. I don't know anything about horses it was just a day at the races my dress that day cost $18 haha. It was a good amount for us as it didn't change our lives too much we had already bought a house earlier in the year so we fixed our car (broken air con and replaced tires) we put most on the house and kept 5k in savings that we still have now 4 years later. Oh and I didn't want to tell anyone! But our friends and some siblings were at the races with us so it just happened they knew

 Did you tell Centrelink
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 You don't need to tell Centrelink. Couldn't be bothered trying to attach the link, google it if you please.
Who is to say the replier was receiving Centrelink?

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OP Oh wow! Congratulations!!
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My mum won about 65k on lotto. Told no one including me her daughter and best friend. But she didn't pay off dets or anything like that . she brought a hug flat screen TV when they first came out and cost about 6k. Went on a trip to the USA and brought a new car. I thought she had just increased her home loan😂.
When she was dying about 10 years later I was going through her paper work with her and came across the letter. She loved lotto and played every week so I am glad she got a big win out of it.

My aunt won one of those prize homes. She sold it and bought a more modest place. Apparently lots of friends and relatives came out of the woodworks and expected her to pay for things. She can still only live a modest lifestyle but it allowed her to retire comfortably (she'd be around 70 now and this was about ten years ago; she was still working and didn't have any assets due to divorces and other things).

OP I dream of winning one of those houses & think I would do the same. How amazing for her to be able to retire when she perhaps wouldn't have been able to!
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I won $1000 in That’s Life magazines crossword. It was about 15 years ago and I’d just moved into my new house so the money came exactly when I needed it. I’ve won lots of smaller prizes like movie tickets and small amounts of money. I’d love a bigger win of course!

I won $40,000 last November 2018 :) with only once entry.

I think we all love to dream, we actively play 'Set for life' it is actually really good, more often than not we win the 9$ish prize, which pays the next weeks games, because the draw is seven days it is seven days of chances. We figure we don't need heaps of money straight away, $20,000 a month for twenty years is great!!
We still play the big jackpot draws though, I often wonder about the winners, I am always very happy for them but also hope they are deserving and generous too... No one needs $50,000,000 to themselves.
My Grandad won $5000 on Powerball, he used it to go back to England and see family, he hadn't been back in the forty years he had lived here.

I know a family who won 1.5 million in the lotto about 10 years ago. They always fought but once money come into the picture the fights increased. Both of them spent money on stuff (diamond bracelets for $40,000) (speed boat for $50,000) purely out of spite. They built a huge house in the middle of nowhere.

They are divorced now. The house was sold as part of the settlement and they got back just over half of the money spent on it. She is on welfare and he works mowing lawns. Both agree that they didn't handle the money well and would have been better off without it. Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side.

OP I've heard a few stories like this - very sad situation. You are right the grass isn't always greener.
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My mother won $60,000 first prize in lotto back in the 1970s. More than the cost of a house in those days. She and Dad told no-one. I only found out through reading her very full diaries when I was cleaning out the house after she died. And $95,000 in bonus bonds, during 1991, a week after she had abused them for the pathetic interest rate on those bonds. I am sure she thought her win was the result of her angry letter. Again my brother and I knew nothing about that win either. No wonder she could afford almost annual trips to England.

OP Oh wow - I often think if I win big I wouldn't tell my big extended family (too many dodgy uncles who will come sniffing for money!!!) but I can't believe she didn't let her kids know!! Did you end up receiving any or did they spend it all before she died? Thanks for sharing.
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 There was a decent bit left for us to inherit, because their house was freehold. But I also found I had been given an inheritance, about $200 English pounds, from friends of Mums, that came through in the 70's. I never saw any of that, and never knew about it, until I saw the letters. And I was a really penniless Uni student at the time. Thank heavens for scholarships in those days, and free Uni Education. She pleaded poor her whole life, so I gave her money. I am so surprised she kept every letter, card and document, knowing I was likely to read them all eventually. It was really entertaining reading for me. And the relatives got a surprise. BUT, I agree if you have an extended family with dodgy members, you would be better to keep quiet, pay off house and look after your immediate family for their future. Its not much if its spread too wide. And there will still be resentments and fights. Whos in and whose out ? Where do you draw the line ? It can cause rifts, whatever you do.
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 For myself, I won $600 in super 66, when partner and I had just got jobs after emigrating here, and not been paid, and there was no money left for food. For which I was incredibly grateful. And later $13,000 in lotto, which paid off my car, and cleared a few debts. It made an enormous difference long term. Get a few $13, $35 - and ask where all the other zeros that should be there have gone.
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OP Oh wow - thanks for replying! Weird how your mum must have known you would eventually find out through her letters etc? What a thing to find out, especially after you'd helped her out by giving her money. It's fascinating to me hearing stories like this, so thank you again for taking the time to respond.
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I have the min games saved on a lotto card. It costs about $10 week for oz lotto, power ball and sat lotto.
I would feel like a dick crossing off two games and paying $2-3 bucks.
It's worth the $10 to dream about it !

OP That's exactly it! That dream of winning a life changing amount. I even think about how I would spend it, in what way I'd help friends & family etc.
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A girl i know quite well (but not friends with) won 10k cash cow (the letter they sent seemed dodgy as though- but turned out to be legit) anyways, she left her man, their baby, went back to her mission hometown, fu***d another guy, got pregnant and then went back to her original man once she had nothing left. And yep- he took her back 🤣 i myself have won afew meat trays over the years... 😂

 But remained faithful!
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OP Wow - poor (original) guy!!
Nothing wrong with scoring a meat tray or two!!

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