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Sneaky ways to hide things when your trying to get a home loan

So I've read that the banks frown upon & will look for these things in your bank statements if your trying to get a home loan. Afterpay (i kind of get that), your entertainment expenses (fair enough), Uber Eats or any other takeaway food (i'm struggling to give a up take away once a week) but the thing that really gets me is Netflix. NETFLIX!!! Nooooo. It's such a low monthly cost compared to going to the movies or foxtel, it really seems unfair to pick at that.
Has anyone had trouble with any if the these? Are they really that strict? I've considered just paying cash for our weekly takeaway meal so it doesn't show up on our bank statements. I guess we could put the Netflix in a close relatives name if need be...Any other tricks anyone?


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They do not care about Netflix at all they care about how much you earn how much you save and how many kids you have

We got a home loan with poor to average credit, a tiny deposit and allll those things just last year.
What was important to the bank was that we had a consistent record of saving of three months. Is your broker giving you this advice?

 Not op but can I ask what your deposit was?
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 Yeah i'm kinda curious too
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 $6000 cash deposit and our broker set it up so that we could the $20,000 first home builders grant to be included as deposit. Our actual bank loan was $390,000 and we pay mortgage insurance because of having basically no deposit of course.
We are a one income family earning $1300 a week with two children and we had about $20,000 debt, we pay $400 a week in mortgage at minimum but more like $600 to get ahead, which is on par with the rental prices in our area anyway. This was probably the only way we would be able to buy our own home for a very long time. I fully recommend seeing a good broker, even if you think there's no way you could be a home owner at this stage in your life, ours gave us a plan and we followed exactly what he told us to do with our money for three months and then we were in and started our build 😊

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After the royal commission into loans and banking good luck

We have Netflix, Stan and my husband loves eating out. We also had the capacity to make the loan repayments and sufficient deposit so our loan was approved. The bank doesn't care if you buy take away and watch Netflix.

 Well that's a relief! Don't take my Netflix away mean bankers ....
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 Looks like you are a shit cook
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 ^perhaps she's a great cook but likes to have a break after making beautiful meals all week. Who opened your cage???
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 Look i know your just a cranky lady not getting any but I'll bite. I work late so once a week i want to be like f**k it - lets have burgers. I could meal prep & sometimes i do but like i said sometimes you just want to say f**k it lets just get take away....have a nice day troll lady xx
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Just about everyone has Netflix these days. Where are you getting your intel from? If Netflix is a deciding factor, a lot less people would be getting approved for home loans. Don’t they look for income, job stability, the amount of debt and savings you have rather than the particulars of Your Spending? (providing it’s legal of course).

 Im not op but I know people who got low deposit home loans and had their asses questioned to death over eBay purchases, takeouts etc, really little things you don't think about
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 Perhaps they were borderline?
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 Have Foxtel

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 Does the bank care if you don’t know the difference between your and you’re?
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 You people .......
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I wouldn't worry about these things too much - after all at least it shows you have a fair amount of spending that you could cut out if needs be. They could say what if interest rates rise. You can say that would be okay, be can cut off Netflix and scrap takeaway.

They only dig deep on your expenditure if your income is borderline for servicing the loan a d you have no savings. We've just been Pre approved for 600k, without having to sell our existing home that still has about 70k owing on the mortgage. They didn't say anything about our expenditure at all. We went through what our debt is, limits on credit/store cards (even though there's nothing owing) our income and that was all.

We have Netflix and Stan and had no problems getting a home loan 2 months ago.