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Tattoos on the foot

Looking to see who has one and if they would recommend a tat on the foot or would it be better off getting one on the wrist


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Get it where you want it. The pain only lasts while its ring done. If you don't want pain get a texta lol

Is this your first tattoo? If it is find somewhere else. The feet hurt, I know from experience I have the top of my left foot tattooed and it hurt like a bitch. Tattoos in general hurt but there are less sensitive places to get one. Good luck with your tattoo.

Foot and wrist tattoos are fairly painless if you have a good tattoo ARTIST I emphasise the artist coz any clown can do a tattoo just won't be very good... I myself have both feet tattooed and one wrist about to be both wrists tattooed it all comes down to you and what you want and if it's something you really want u will know the best place for it

It's a tattoo, it's gonna hurt .
Maybe you should do some research on different tatt designs for both and then decide which one you like best.

Wrist hurts less, id say wrist is the least painful of all, for me anyway. Foot is hidden better for work if thats a concern, but if you want to have it on show wrist is better.

The foot is more painful than the wrist, but more easily hidden.
I'm pretty heavily tattooed, so I can't suggest one or the other!