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Do you sell stuff on eBay?


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No. I used to use Gumtree but now all I encounter are time wasters, people who don't turn up, idiots who don't read the listing properly or demand a 90% discount at pickup. So now I don't bother. It's not worth the stress.

No. I don't have anything worth selling, and can't be bothered with the hassle of posting etc.

No. I used to years ago. I find that the postage costs so much that it just doesn't seem worthwhile unless it is an expensive item. Currently don't have any items that would be worthwhile.

I use Gumtree sometimes. It is a lot of drama though so I will only use it for items over $20 that would be too expensive to post on ebay. Otherwise it gets donated to charity.

I used to, until I encountered an absolute asshole of a buyer.

 Can i ask what happened? :)
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 PART 1:

An insidious, pain-in-the-arse nit-picker, demands a hefty discount. I rejected it and offered a smaller one. She accepts. She demands alterations. I stupidly obliged - Never again!

She demands progress photos of the alteration process. she then proceeds to inform me that she needs it right away. Never mind the fact that my lead time was a week. She ordered and paid at around 5pm and I worked well into the night and had it at the post office the next morning.

The following morning, a scathing email arrived about how it has not arrived, that I should have 'provided better customer service and express-posted it to meet her requirement' (yep - her words) and she demands a refund WHILST wanting to keep the item. I provide free economy shipping. Upgrades are available but charged. she refused, prior to sending. 2 more emails ensued...


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 PART 2:

She gets the item to following day (2 days is frigging reasonable!!) but claims it's not what she was expecting and demands a free return as she has [admitted] that she's changed her mind. I asked her to send me a photo as I had an idea of what was coming next. I told her that I'm not paying the shipping and that it's her responsibility. She complained to eBay who also stated the same - a seller can be forced to pay a return if the item is damaged and not for a change-of-mind.

As expected, the item is now "damaged" and 'evidentiary' photos ensued. This idiot actually send photos of the item in perfect condition upon receipt, then of the item being heavily damaged!

In the end, eBay refunded her. They initially tried to force me to refund her whilst allowing her to keep the item until I had them review all of the photos and message history. Prior to getting her unwarranted refund, she left a despicable review of my shop - The only one I had ever received, and a total lie.

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 PART 3:

Some people are utter garbage.

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 Oh wow. Some people are despicable. Thanks for sharing babe x
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