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Sent sexy photos to husband. Gutted at his reaction. How would you react?

Hubby is working away. He asked for some photos and I put it off for a few days. Thought I would surprise him and send a couple of nudes. Thinking it would make him happy and excited. His reply was 'thanks sexy they are nice' WTF !
He says the same thing when I send pictures of the kids.

I was expecting OMG I love you. Thanks so much for sending those. I know it has put you out of your comfort zone and I really appreciate it. Can't wait to hold ,suck on those gorgeous titties and fuck that beautiful pussy. Etc etc.

I am gutted at his reaction. Never going to send any more. I had been learning a strip tease routine as surprise when he comes home but stuff that. No doubt he will laugh at my attempt.

My confidence was high when I sent the photos. Now I feel like a piece of shit.


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I think you wayyy over reacted.

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Could he have been around others? Is he into dirty talk? I wouldn’t read too much into it. I suck at dirty talk so when my ex was away I would just be like “k. Thanks” with nudes he sent. He would go into some graphic detail about what he would like to be doing. I wasn’t into that, I’m good with a picture, my imagination and a little pork if I need it to get me off. It wasn’t like I didn’t like the photos, my idea of dirty talk sucks like “f**k yeah, nice. I like your knee caps”
The moral of my story, don’t take it to heart. He probably spanked the monkey and was happy with them.

 Porn, not pork. Although I do like a little pork too 😂😂😂
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 I messaged him before hand to make sure he was alone. He is the one who says stuff like. What are you wearing? I tell him and he will reply with something like track pants. So sexy. I am imagining your arse in them and slowly taking them off. Even the most unattractive items he will find a way to make me feel specail. He said he has deleted them from his computer because he doesn't want someone else to accidentally see them. Truth is he was so shocked and appalled at how disgusting his fat ugly loser his wife is he can't bare to look at them.
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 If he found you disgusting and fat he wouldn’t be with you, he wouldn’t ask for the photos and he wouldn’t want to f**k you.
For one moment f**k what anyone else thinks, get your clothes off and stand in front of the mirror. Now you find 3 things about your body you like. It doesn’t need to be sexual, maybe you like the soft skin on your arse, maybe you like the way your hair flows down your back. Stand there and look at yourself for five minutes and find at least those three things. You need to see your beautiful body for what it truly is, not your minds perception of it. Get your confidence back. Don’t base everything of this reaction of your husbands. It is probably nothing.
You are beautiful. You are sexual. You deserve to feel sexy. Don’t hold yourself back.

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 Oh it's ok hun. I reakon he already got off at that point that's all?
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I think that it really took guts to take photos of yourself and send them to your partner like that. I wouldn't think that his lack of reaction is due to disgust at the way you look. I am always amazed that men seem to see us differently than we see ourselves. I am not sure what you mean by nude pictures. Did you just take take pictures of yourself nude, thats is it? I only bring it up because today my husband was talking to me about the weather whilst I was buck naked cleaning the shower. My nudity wasn't a big deal to him as he has seen me naked regularly. I wonder if perhaps this the problem. It's not that you don't look good but more that he is used to seeing you naked. maybe if you sent him something a bit different. New lingerie perhaps or a suggestive pose. Something that he is not used to seeing from you.

 Excellent point
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 Yes if you want a reaction mix it up, buy some bondage gear that will get him going.
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He called you sexy and said they were nice... he probably wanted to send a quick reply so he could lay back and have a wankto them 😂. I think you are getting upset for no reason. Men don’t usually go into detailed praise about how appreciative they are for a couple of dirty pics of their missus, regardless of you moving out of your comfort zone...

 This ^
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Maybe he was too busy wanking to type in a better response. But guys aren't like women, if he's not great with words that may have been the best response you could've gotten lol.

I think he felt awkward not that he didn't like them.

Well lovely, if he didn't want to see your photos, he wouldn't have asked for them. I wouldn't read too much into his reply. Maybe he was somewhere he couldn't get right into the moment?

Chin up 😊

Urgh my husband was the same when he was FIFO. He'd send back "cool send more" or "try and get a better angle". Better angle?! Bitch I was 8 months pregnant at that point and couldn't bend any other way.
I reacted the way you did. I was crushed. That motherfucker. I ended up sending him back "you don't like them?" But he rang me and explained that he does like them but he's not the type to talk dirty like that. Then he sent me a nice nude of his own (I mean muscles showing as well, not just a dick staring at the screen).

Don't let his lack of enthusiasm get you down. I bet the first time he comes home and gets you into bed, he'll do that "aaah f**k yeah" face/noise.

 I agree with this. Mine is also absolutely hopeless with words, and I have had the same reaction to sexy photos as you got. Instructions to do more.
Many men don't tend to express their emotions verbally, and especially not in writing anyway, especially guys who do physical work; the reaction you will get is the physical one. He might pounce on you when he comes through the door when he gets home!.
Might have been different if he works with words, like an author or poet.
And get back into that stripping !

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 I appreciate your reply. He rang after I sent them and didn't even mention the photos. Just the usual catch up. Asked him if he actually liked the photos or was just being polite. He said they were okay. Okay? And then changed the conversation. I hung up then. He tried calling back but I ignored him. As far as I am concerned he can stay away forever
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I once got a reply that the pictures were unwarranted 😂

You really sound like you need a vacation from your own head.

Sent sexy pics to my husband today. He replied, “That’s great.” That is the same reply I get when I send him something about the kids. He sucks.

Better than the response I just got. His response was literally LoL

My husband likes porn a lot, but never initiates sex or shows interest in me that way. I was a model many years ago, and I still look decent. He's fu***d up.

 Could it be porn addiction?
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Maybe he didn’t mean “ nice”, he meant “ niiiiiiiiiiiiice 🤤”.