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Are you sick of women calling themselves Instagram models and influencers on Instagram?


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I make around $900 extra a week for my family and up to $2000 some weeks on instagram posting ads for brands just for being mediocre at taking photos and writing candidly about my daily lifw.
I don't care what you think of me 😂 keep alienating your friends by shoving tuppaware down their throats if you want.

 😂😂😂👍 Well done darl x
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 Hahahahaha I actually love this comment. 😂
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Yes. It’s a bit like anyone with a camera calling themselves a photographer. Anyone can have an IG account, take some selfies and call themselves a model.

 But not everyone makes money from it
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 Not everyone makes money from being IG models or influencers either. I guess most do not. Many clearly do it for the bludge (freebies)
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No, but I kinda get annoyed that its people's "professions". Eventually we will have a world of no one who can actually do anything except for post photos of themselves in insta.
We still need do-ers and teachers and builders and hard working people

 I think they call it their profession because they're making mine of it. Me personally? I think it's laughable but hey, people actually pay for these things
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 It's no different than pay a newspaper for printing an ad or an ad on TV.
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No. Why do I care what other women want to call there profession?
A lot of those women make some really good money with brand deals and affiliate marketing ect and some women just inspire to be one, either way not my business to judge. 🤷‍♀️

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 There their they're.
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 I don’t care care care. 😂
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Yeah it’s pretty laughable. Come back when you’ve walked ny fashion week or been on vogue

 Well no then they would be a catwalk model or fashion model.
Hence Instagram model. It’s actually a fully fledged job for some. Iv got 4 friends involved on Instagram to varying degrees all make money.
One made millions from Instagram through using the platform to sell an ebook.

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I think it's great, if you can make money that way go for it!

I recently read an article where a woman wanted a wedding photographer for free in lieu of advertising. The response from the photographer was hilarious