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How man kg did you gain in your pregnancies and how long did it take to lose it?


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I lost weight in all my pregnancies- Dr approved of course. I ended up lighter than I was before getting pregnant but I gained it all back and some during breast feeding for making bad food choices. I just got sooo hungry.

Gained 7kg took me 6 weeks to lose
I am 168cm
Weigh 56kg

Im totally different to everyone here.... AND I AM SOOO JEALOUS....

First: went from sz 8 to sz 16 (cant remember weight) ... was back to sz 8 after 12 months. (Did nothing to lose it, just walked everyday) Breastfed 10 months

Second: Was 77kg (sz 10-12), had baby left hospital 92kg got down to 84kg in 2.5 years (actively tried to lose weight) Breastfed 2 years

Third: was 84kj, 105kg the day i went into labour and now 3 years 8 months later 88kj .... (AND HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING to lose weight!) Breastfed 2 years

I Gained 22kg, and I lost 18kg in the first two weeks after birth.

 So you lost 18kg including the weight of the baby inside you?
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Gained 3kgs and lost it within a month. Left hospital wearing my size 6 jeans.

I gained quite a bit but got gastric bypass surgery so am down to the 50kgs I was before birth. It’s been steady like that for past 3 years now and I feel the best I’ve ever felt plus regained all my energy.

8kg's with my 1st- lost it and more within a few weeks (breastfeeding took it out of me).
14kg's with my 2nd- took about 3 months.

I walked out of hospital basically the same as pre pregnancy both times I attribute it to the fact my appetite doesn't seem to change in pregnancy and so my diet is fairly similar to when I am not pregnant, maybe even less because the morning sickness hits me hard 🤢

I lost body fat during both my pregnancies. With my second I was 78kg when I found out I was pregnant and 74kg when I went in to labour. I was 72.4kg when I left the hospital. I'm 84kg now. Hahaha

First pregnancy like 15kg and lost that plus some in 6 months. Second was about 25, don't think I lost much. This one I've lost 10 kg - doctors orders.

11kg both times. First pregnancy probably about 2-3 months. Second one I lost it plus more because I was already overweight pre both my pregnancies and after my second decided to lose all my extra weight

First preg 17kg, lost it in about 6 months - basically after I went back to work.
Second pregnancy 15kg, about 3 month. I was breastfeeding and a lot more active because I had a toddler as well so lost it pretty quickly.