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Is it racist?

Im not attracted ( sexually and romantically) to any other race but my own, is it racist? My friend thinks it is but I just can't help it.


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Is it racist that I only like Caramel men or darker lol

It's not racist to be generally attracted to a specific "type." It is racist to say you would never consider someone outside your race, without meeting them.

I don't think it's racist. I'm only sexually attracted to Caucasians, even though I have friends of many different ethnicity.

Attraction is an animal instinct, survival of the fittest in a way. You may just not have met anyone of a different race that you primal instincts have decided would make strong heathy babies and provide for you lol

Nope and anyone who thinks it Is has rocks in their head.

It would be like saying you don't like short or geeky people.

I don't think it's racist. If you talk badly or attack someone for being a diffrent race then that is racism.

It's not racist, what's racist is if you wouldn't be friends with someone or if you discriminate against someone because of their race.

From another point of view, I am only attracted to men of a different race, and there's nothing racist about that statement. If I was to say 'I'm only attracted to men of a different race because men of my race are ugly, uncultured pigs'- that's racist, offensive and untrue.

I don't think so. There are people who are attracted to only certain races, it may be their own or another. We are attracted to different people.

Not racist at all, I'm only attracted to Caucasian men. Can't help who I'm attracted to

Yes it is you racist pig

 And you're an uneducated moron.
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 Don't offend the morons.
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 How can you only like someone of a certain race and it isn't racist? Dumb people I'm not a moron
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