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Surviving Infidelity

Answered 3 months ago

How long did it take you to 'move on' or 'get over it', whether you choose to stay or go? How did you choose to stay or go? Would you change anything now that time has past?

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3 months ago
Well I’m a man and my wife strayed and it’s hard to get around that fact she willingly snd knowingly fucked a friend but I’m getting over it but she is not! She no longer wants any sex with anyone? I try to be nice and thoughtful but she does not seem to appreciate anything that I do and does not want to communicate
So I would say to anyone thinking of straying to just don’t do it or just walk away and let your partner have a life

3 months ago
Sounds like she's not that into you anymore, she's staying for other reasons. Kids, possessions, money, doesn't want to start again ...something other than you.

3 months ago
You should consider ending whatever this is. I’m sorry she has fallen out of love with you, if she can not or will not be open to making things work again you are better off finding someone who is willing.