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Medieval wedding

All the wedding posts have me thinking about different wedding ideas.

Has anyone had one or been to one?
What do you think? Tacky or fun?
How was food/ entertainment done?
Indoor or outdoor?


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Honestly, there is no way you can make a medieval wedding classy. It is just bad.

 Not true don't listen to the nay sayers...research research research....look everywhere pinterest & movies would be your best bet. What about a medieval princess vibe?
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 I just checked out pinterest & on there it looks like a cross between vintage (lots of lace) & a woodsy wedding- i think it's very pretty. Most people think about the 90's kind of medieval- no one wants that.
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I would love your wedding because medieval would mean lots of meat. I love meat. I dream about pork knuckles. Yummmmmmm. If you go the medieval theme please don't skimp on the meat 😊

OP My partner is totally down for medieval theme cos of the meat. He has roasts, spits and all that in mind 😅
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A medieval wedding? How cool would that be?
I'd go for sure 😘

I say do what you want. I've never been to a themed wedding, but think it would be fun. Even if it is tacky, I'd just bask in the tackiness haha. My only concern as a guest would be if I have to get a costume and how much it would cost.

OP Haha that's what I was thinking, I'm not a traditional person, I'm probably a lot more tacky, so I don't think it would be too out of character for me haha
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Went to a medieval wedding once. It was different but I loved it

Yes it was a while ago, but was nice.
It was in a park next to a forest so the photos had a lovely background. There were a few props like sword in stone to have silly pics taken, a bit of live music and dancing and lots of roast meat. It was in summer so was lovely, once it got dark they brought out fake fire torches. It was a mix of beautiful and tacky but was so much fun.

Don't do dark coloured dresses. Light colours....i see a dainty gold tiara. Wildflower looking flowers for the bouquet

If it’s done elegantly, I think it would be rather nice. Could be done quite tasteful and fun

I really don’t like medieval wedding photos. The girls always look ghastly. I’m not sure why people like fancy dress or themed weddings.

 Because everyone likes different things
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 Sure, but for a wedding??
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 A wedding should be a reflection of both of the couples personalities, interests, hobbies etc. Not everyone wants a cookie cutter wedding...i applaud you for having the courage to do something different. Give them something to talk about. Stand out from the crowd don't just be a part of it. 👏👏👏
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 P.s i want to help you plan it. Excited for you.....if you have future questions just post on the forum - we can all help.
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OP ♥ thanks ♥
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