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Do you have have a will

Answered 3 months ago

I accidentally saw my partners will and found out that I am not in it. Nothing has been left to me in the case I survive her so if I survive then what happens to the house we share now ?

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3 months ago
Pretty sure someone else's will can't give away things that are legally yours. Eg. Assuming the house is owned 50/50, they can decide who gets their half, but your half stays as yours. You should really discuss this with your partner and get your own will drawn up.

3 months ago
I guess you’d contest it and take it to court, but that can get expensive. Are you sure it wasn’t an old will? Are you legally a couple? Like married or registered de facto with Centrelink or for tax purposes? Because that strengthens your case, when you marry previous wills become void anyway.


3 months ago
Yes married for over 25 years and the will was just made and I’m super surprised by it