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Do you celebrate American bullshit Halloween?


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I can't get over the fact there are halloween and Christmas decorations in stores at the same time. Madness

You realise Halloween isn’t actually American, right? I think it’s great to see kids outside having a good time. People who carry on about it mustn’t have anything better to do with their time. I mean, if you don’t like it/don’t agree with it then that’s fine, but people carry on like its some HUGE ridiculous thing. If they don’t like it or don’t want to participate then move on 🤷🏼‍♀️

 It is some huge ridiculous thing. Think about all those participating and the amount of plastic waste they create......
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 Well if you really think about it most holidays produce plastic waste. How much is waste is generated at Christmas? I bet it’s more than Halloween. Plastic Easter eggs at Easter? Birthdays have their own fair share too.
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Halloween is not American. In summary...It’s origin is from the ancient Celt celebration of Samhain. Later the Catholic Church didn’t like the celebration of Samhain but knew they couldn’t eradicate it. So they Christianised it and started the holiday the Eve of the Feast of All Hallows, or Halloween. The Irish brought this with them to America when they immigrated during the famine.

You can’t blame Halloween on the Americans. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, don’t celebrate it but don’t get snotty with those who do.

My kids are too old to Trick or Treat but we do carve a pumpkin and hand out candy.

If you don't like it then don't get involved. Turn your lights off and pretend you're not home. Easy 🤣

Well my grandmother celebrated it in Scotland in the 1930s - although she calls it All Hallows’ Eve. There was a lot less plastic and rubbish, but it did involve treats and such.

We are Catholics, so we celebrate All Saints day. Halloween is crap.

I don't mind the idea of a Halloween theme party, but I have no interest in trick or treating.

Yep we think it's fun

 As do my kids 🦇 🎃
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