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Can’t keep friends

Do you have trouble keeping friends ?


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I make friends but i have no idea how to maintain friendships. I think people give up on me. I think I can't have close friendships because my abusive childhood built me to be incredibly guarded, so no one will know. It's shitty but I think its whats happened for me.

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 Why don't you reach out to some older friends who know your story? I see a big value in people you've known when you were younger even if you haven't been in contact with for a long time. You know each other stories, you know where you've come from, why you are the way you are. I'm blessed to have people like that in my life & i love that.
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I think it's something that happens when you get older. Everyone gets caught up in their own worlds, they forget about the people they used rely on so much. Now they are too busy to pick up the phone and check in on them so that person goes well f**k you then for not giving a shit about me I can't find time to call you either & the circle continues until they not longer communicate at all. At least that was my experience 😆. I have a few people in my life I have made a vow hell or high water I will always make time for.

My closest friends are my preschool friends and im in contact and still see my mum’s group 8 years and 2 kids later ❤️ I avoid the and negative people.

Everyone does these days, most of us are friendless.