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Broken toe

So 10 days ago I absolutely smashed my toe on a concrete slab (by accident of course). It very clearly hurt straight away. It bruised quite badly. But I was told nothing can be done for a broken toe. It's still incredibly sore, bruised ad swollen I can't even rest it in my mattress at night. Can anyone tell me things I can do to help it??? I tried to splint it with that tape but it hurt. Or is it just a case of "it will get better in time"? Thanks ladies!!!!


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Did you see a dr? Which toe? You may need it set. I do my own, but that's years of broken toes experience. Rest, ice, elevate, anti-inflammatory medication. If you are on your feet, buddy tape it and wear compression socks. Takes about 2-3 weeks to stop hurting.

OP Yeah I went to the doctor. She looked at it and said definitely broken and if still sore come back in 2 weeks to have a scan. So I'll give it another week and see :)
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Depends which toe. If it's your big toe the dr may be able to do something but the little toe just has to heal itself. I broke my little toe when I walked into a heavy coffee table. Was painful for about a month and a few years later still aches if I walk for too long in the wrong shoes.

Ice, nurophen, panadol, elevate ..And go to doctor if you havnt already.