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School Mums

You know the ones I mean?!! The ones who wear active wear and drive 4wd and stand around in their little click groups and get their fancy coffee every morning and don't make eye contact with other mums because they act like they're still in high school and they're the popular girls. I fucking hate them.
Just needed to rant!!!


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Why do people care so much about what other mums appear to be doing? Does it really impact your daily life that much. Sounds like no one really left high school.

 I don’t understand it either. I don’t talk to anyone at school pick up (and they don’t try to talk to me) but I’m perfectly happy with that. Why all the drama over picking your children up from school?
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I must say we have a mum at our school who wears active wear, drives a Range Rover and seemed very above me and unapproachable, however, we got to chatting one day and I have to say I fricken love this woman. She is an absolute crack up, works at a pub and is so relatable. Her kids are the sweetest things and she is actually awesome. Say hi to those mums. They are probably awesome when you get know them

Crop dust them as you walk past in a crowd. Then watch from afar as the smell drifts up to their noses and they all try to politely ignore your gross butt stank 😂 see how their noses slightly crinkle up and they purse their lips? Worth it.

Just say hello! Say hello to everyone you walk past. Smile and be happy ☺

 ^ this
You are describing me. I usually stare blankly because a majority of people snob me, I gave up on smiles & hellos directed at parents.
I wear active wear because it’s comfortable/I like it & I auctually get wear out of one of my many pairs of kicks (shoe addiction) & I sometimes walk after drop off and I fu****g sweat constantly no matter the season or my level of physical exertion or what I am auctually doing (probably due to all the expensive coffee)

I pick up a coffee because I would otherwise be a cranky c**t & it’s like my award for getting my kids to school on time, remembering all their shit, on time.
I drive a 4wd because i got it from a family memeber that allowed me to pay it off. (I chose the expensive coffee because all decent take away coffee costs a bomb)

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I’m not there to socialise when I pick up my kids. I usually stand in a corner and play with my phone - AND a lot of the times I will be wearing activewear (if I’m not wearing paint/grease-stained workwear) because I am an active person. I’m not trying to be a snob and I’m not judging anyone I just don’t really notice you’re even there. Waiting for my kids to come out of class is just another job for me (before I get to go home and play/relax with them) and I’m not interested in turning it into a social thing.

Ok i know the groups you are referring too and yes even though i drive a 4wd ,(which my husband n i bought to fit our tribe in)i still found i didnt quiet click with them. Yes i use to buy the coffee so i wouldnt go psycho at randoms. but that has all changed now that im working full time. I tried to click with them and failed but realised that im not there to impress them or anyone. I was there for my kids, to drop them off n pick them up. N so what if they wear gym clothes. If they can afford to go gym good luck to them. I have 5 kids and i work full time. But my financials arent any better. Be yourself and just smile and say hi. Be happy with who u are and not try to be what they are. Just be yourself.

There is a reason they don't like their own company. Just be you and think how they are missing out!

I don’t see this at my school at all. Is it possible you’re projecting your own insecurities? Say hello or make small talk.. see how they respond. Remember you’re all on the same boat, same team, fighting the same battle. Stick together and don’t let the chubby little monsters win! 😃

I just do what they do. Ignore and move on, withoit giving any of them a second thought. Thankfully, not all school mums belong to the 4WDing, active clothing wearing brigade.

I have met lots of mums at my daughter's school, but that's probably because my son has run away a few times and people have pointed out where he was.

This stuff is why I'm terrified of my kid going to school.

 Don't be. Most of the mums are lovely, there may be a group or two of cliques but most mums are very nice
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Yes, this happens at my daughters school. Some are actually nice people. The others will not give you the time of day. Just smile n wave. All you can. I drive a 4wd to fit my tribe in. Lol. Well now Holden captiva. But still have the 4wd. When hubby n I swap cars.

My kids start school next year, and I am quite nervous for me because I have told I have a resting bitch face so I am not approachable if you look at me but I am far from a bitch, I am bubbly person but also very shy at first if I don’t know you. If I click with someone my true colours vome through, if not I may come across as cold. I am just worried I won’t make any mum friends as I need mum friends!!! I can’t approach people unless I get a smile from them ir they approach me😫

 I am a like this myself. I guess I come across as a snob as I stand back and don’t approach other people. This is because I am an introvert. I like my own company, hate crowds, uncomfortable at large celebrations where I don’t know to many people and I avoid conflic as much as possible. I am ok with the person that I am. I find that like minded people tend to find me or visa Versa. I actually met a few of my friends in my sons first year of school who just “get” me. Like you I have a fun and bubbly nature I just have a very shy exterior until the layers are removed. Don’t be nervous about what lies ahead of you. I teach my kids to be polite to everyone as you never know what challenges they face privately. I practice what I preach and I have never had any issues with mums at school. If I did have an issue, being an introvert I would avoid them anyway. I did this in high school too so I guess some things never change 😉
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