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morning routine does hubby help out?

i get up around 6 ish to get myself ready and all the kids stuff together then i wake the kids and have bfast and then i get them all ready and head off for daycare and school drop off all the while my hubby is in bed gets up bout half 7 gets dressed brushes his teeth amd goes too work is this normal? i feel like its certainly not normal


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Normal is a setting on a washing machine

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what is his job? if it's shit physical work it wouldn't bother me as much. When I drive to work and think life is shit I think, i'd rather be me then those poor bastards physical labour out in the heat all day. Doesn't mean men get to be pigs or lazy but yeah just different considerations for what my day entails compared to his. Yes I work very hard and have stresses in my life and job, but regardless, I'd still rather be me than him day to day haha given the start time (most tradies etc start much earlier than 8) it sounds like this may not be his line of work..?

 My husband is a tradie and has a very physical job, he finishes work earlier than I do, and because I do everything in the mornings he has to do the pick up and start of the evening jobs.
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 That seems fair, he should also have dinner ready, and a couple of loads of wash ready to hang out, and picked up the washing already hanging. When you get home hang out the washing, and iron/ fold the incoming ones. Teamwork.
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My hubby is gone every morning before any of us get up.

I get up at 5 and shower and do my hair and make up
Wake up hubby at 630 when I have finished at 6
He takes dog for a walk 30 min
Hubby showers
In the meantime I do light housework
Get kids breakfast
Wake kids up and they eat breakfast and dess for school
We leave at 8 and I grab coffee at Maccas and school

What time does hubby start and finish work ?

 between 8 and 8 30 and home between 3 and 4 odd occasions possibly start earlier and stay back bit later
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 Does he do light housework or prepare tea or cook tea ?
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 Starts at 6-6.30am, finishes on average at 8-9pm ish. 7days a week. He's a farmer. The kids don't see him some weeks when it's busy. It starts to show sometimes in their drawings, here is mummy, my sister and me.... Where is daddy in the picture? Oh he's at work, he's always at work. It's heartbreaking at times and it does cause a few fights between him and I.
Luckily now the kids are older they can go to work with him on the weekends , they love it and so does hubby.

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He is gone by 5:30 so no. He has every second Friday off and he will help out a bit, and do the school run. Kids love it when daddy takes them to school.

 Don’t let him get away with just doing the fun stuff.
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No... he is normally at work from 6.30-7 and home at 6-7, 5-6 days. I am a SAHM, so I do all of the morning routine, lunches, helping kids to pack bags etc, school uniforms, tidying etc before we head to school. He will do baths sometimes in the evening if he's home on time, or finish loading the dishwasher, wiping round, hand laundry etc if I'm getting the the kids to bed. The workload both at home, and outside is pretty well balanced.

 Just because you are SAHM he should still cover you so you can get out by yourself a yoga class or exercise.
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I do the morning with the kids, my husband picks them up at 5 gets dinner started homework etc. My husband goes running or to the gym before work so I have to get the kids ready and take to day care and school. I go to the gym a couple of evenings and my husband finishes work earlier so after school pick up etc is his.
It wasn't always like that, I worked part time and did everything around the house and kid related. A year ago I went full time and still did 90%. One day I said either you do half of everything, or I go back to part time, he chose to help. It may have been because he didn't want to sell his new car.

 Good on you.
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Hubby is at work when I wake up, so I get the kids ready for school. In the afternoon he picks them up from school on the way home from work.

I get up at 4 to get in the bathroom before the rush begins, then i begin preparing breakfast for hubby and packing lunches. Hubby wakes at 4:45. He's out the door at 5:30. Kids get up at 6:30. They all get ready and eat. The older ones head out to school. The young ones come with me to work (i nanny.). They eat with my clients' kids and then all pile in my truck and off to school. Then her 2 youngest and I spend the day doing our thing until pickups. My older kids rock up at some point. Hubby meets me there when he gets home. Then my client gets home. We all eat dinner as one big happy family and head off to various sport and extracurriculars.

So if my hubby is home he’ll generally help. I get up early to get myself ready and do lunches then he gets up and gets himself ready and while he’s showering and dressing I generally am getting kids brekky and dressed. If there is something to help with he does help. Sometimes he doesn’t but he helps me soo much with the kids I don’t complain. After all he goes to work FT and I stay home and enjoy mum life and get coffees out so I think we have a good balance!

If he's home he is helping. Mostly he's at work. I think your husband needs to pull his head in. Lazy prick.