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I am 45 and had first baby at 13 and second at 15 and third at 29 and none of my kids want kids and i am thinking of having IVF do you think i should do it ?


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Do you have a son? Just have sex with him then you can be a mum and a Nana at the same time.

That won't make you a grandmother though. It will make you a mother with one more child. Ivf is very expensive with low success rate. Hope you're just a miserable troll

 i am a millionaire
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 you can get ivf for under $9k
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 $9k for one round, most people need to do many rounds if they get lucky enough to fall pregnant.
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Maybe you were a terrible mother and put them off? If that's the case don't do it 😂

What does your kids not wanting kids have to do with ivf?

 She won't have any grandbabies.

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 So, having another baby isnt going to make her one
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Consider adopting or fostering. There are a lot of kids that need stable homes.

 adopting age limit is 30 you have to be married or long term realtionship and costs more than ivf do your research cunty
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 ^please show us where the adopting age limit is 30?
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 Its 40. My friend was removed from the adoption list because she turned 40
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