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Husband always finishes first.

My hubby and I have great sex life although it seems like he is always finishing first. He’s blaming that he is sensitive being uncircumcised (which I have heard and truely believe) but to me it’s finally getting in the way of our sex life. After sex I get the vibrator and finish that way but I would love to finish before or at the same time with him.

Has anyway had the same issue and what did you do about it?


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That would upset me too, I’m sure it would bother him too if the situation was reversed. Continue to talk and work on it , goodluck. Uncircumcised Is not the sole factor here,

Incorporate vibrator into the sex act itself, or use before hand. My husband is three second wonder, so that's how we do it.

I finish first but use the vibrator during sex. He holds off until I finish but I'd love to not be responsible for my own orgasims

More foreplay on you. I had an ex who came really quickly but he would usually get me off first. I would felt pressure to be done quickly. My now husband has the opposite problem, he never cums! But a lot less pressure on me.

My uncut hubby is a fast finisher too. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s uncircumcised but I do know he is sensitive

How long does it take him to become erect again.
Maybe a second session he could last longer ?
We find often i am more sensitive in the morning, so a dawn breaker is often good for us, and we finish simultaneously then. But that is more likely on weekends because during the week there's just no time for early morning, or seconds.