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Feeding a child

today i saw a mum trying to shove food into her sons mouth ....he looked about 3 and said little shit i didnt waste $3 on a burger and i had to leave before i said something to the mum

what would u have done ?


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How do you know mum didn't just have a bad day? Bad days mean sometimes we can say truly horrid things to our kids we don't mean. How do you know she hadn't been trying to feed her son for the past hour or so before you started to watch? How do you know that money isn't extremely tight and maybe mum was over stressed?

The point is don't be so quick to judge you don't know the situation and far bet if you had said something she probably would have told you to f**k off.

 u shouldnt shove food into a childs mouth
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 Maybe he'd been complaint for 2 hours how hungry he was and she went out of the way to get it. Then he was being a little shit.

I don't condone what she said or did but it could have just been a really really bad day.

A few weeks ago a mum scorned at me because I was forcefully pushing my 3 yo into the pram.
she was throwing a wild bending back arms flailing once a year tantrum, it was right near a road at my 3 month old decided she was starving .
In that moment I'm sure I looked like a horrible mum to that lady.
But it was literally one of the worst most chaotic moments iv had to date. And it just so happened to be in public 😬

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 This is right. He could have even been wanting it and refusing to eat anything else, she grabs it for him and he then doesn't want it. Her husband could have been in hospital and she was needing to get back to him, or another child could have been. There are so many scenarios that could have been happening. Maybe she was a shit mum but maybe, just maybe there was a million other things that could have been happening.

And I've been there with the baby and toddler screaming. Don't let the snarl lady get to you. I hope the day improved quickly for you when it happened.

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I wouldn't have done anything. And it's really none of your damn business. Stick to looking out your curtains and monitoring the mail man.

 i live on a farm and have a PO box
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Sanctimonious mums like you really piss me off. How the hell is it any of your business what was going on with this mum. You don't know the whole story.