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Been single for 10 years, should i keep that to myself when meeting someone?

Does it make me seem weird, a bit of a turn off? Or is it ok to say?


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Be you and dont let anyone make you feel bad about your journey. There is alot of fake a*s people out there and you need to weed out the weak and shallow ones. If something like that matters to the person your interested then they are better off gone. An authentic good soul that is what your looking for.

People are so judgmental. Tell him - it'll be an asshole test

Stay true to yourself anyone you have to fudge the truth too isn't with it in the end

 *worth it
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Why bring it up? You don’t need to lie but it’s not really relevant

 People always ask, ‘so how long you been single?’ Etc, its common dating speak i think
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 I’ve been with my husband a long time, but we didn’t ever ask those questions. 🤷‍♀️ Why do people need to know? In any case. as suggested in previous answers OP should be honest (without giving up too much info) but I wouldn’t be bringing it up.
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 “I haven’t really had a relationship for a few years” is suffice, then moving on
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 It depends on your dating circumstance. It is quite a commonly asked question. Not saying every single dating person has been asked it, but, I think some people sort of use it as a 'less' intrusive way of sussing a little bit about you and your relationships etc.
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 Say 'nothing serious recently' then change the subject. Its not a lie.
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I too have been single for a long period. I have joined clubs and just started cycling. I am now looking at buying a camper van as there is a singles club that socialise and meet and dine together with no sexual inuendo whatsoever. I only find my nights are lonely having no one to talk to. But now I am only at home for three nights out of seven. And thats weekends. Soon I won't be home at all......It is up to you if you want to meet somone. I have met plenty,,I just choose not to form a relationship. Is that what you are actually asking yourself.

 how do you find these groups? I find it really hard as I'm not sporty
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It’s commonly asked internet dating. They usually Ask as they want to know how easy you are by asking such questions so they know if they can be a f**k boy or don’t want to be a rebound

I have been single for about the same haha I reallllllly hate dating, I find it all so monotonous etc. so I distract myself with my own company and just whatever and keep myself busy and wake up sometimes thinking 'shit I probably should start dating again...' 'meh' LOL

 P.s. Me again, I didn't think of it so much but I will admit now that I am nearing that 10 year mark it does make me over analyse and judge myself at times if I am tired or in a bit of an emotional hormonal zone, and then other times I couldn't give a f**k. I just try to think positive and figure it shows, I am independent, I don't need anyone, if the right one comes along great, but i'm OK without someone and don't need to fill my spare time to feel like a Sex & the City series hahah if anything they might get excited and think possibly low maintenance and see some positives about us? haha I dated a guy and as I got to know him found out he was always dating and had a girlfriend almost immediately after the I found that odd. It later linked to his lack of emotion and how he is so cut and dry like '...NEXT...' and literally on to the next if things weren't to his suiting. So it can be interpreted either way.
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Tell them. Just be yourself. The right one will accept you exactly as you are.