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Does anyone live in an area where they cant get the NBN? If so what are you using? Thanx


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We are rural and use wireless. Reasonably fast and we get 500 gig for $89 per month with Optus. Our modem is 5g ready for when that comes online.

My parents live rural and can’t get nbn OR broadband so they’re on wireless. Very expensive!

 Im the OP. We also live rural and we too can only use wireless. Price is not so bad but were capped at 200gb although i think there's a new one for 500gb. We need a satellite just for television and we use foxtel as well. If we want to use satellite internet its going to roughly cost $125 for 300gb (capped) Its absolutely pathetic as now they've cut off the copper wiring so we can't have ADSL either. Fucken government are liars. Its not available for everyone. Its made things worse for us amd i hope something changes soon
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We only got the nbn recently. Before that we had naked dsl through iinet.