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Has anyone ever made a house insurance claim for damage done before insurance started?

Asking for a friend ...


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Not worth lying about it. If you get caught you’ll be in huge trouble and won’t be able to get insurance again, or if you do, the premiums will be very high. It’s fraudulent.

Tell your ‘friend’ it is illegal (fraud) as you will be lying about the date it happened

It’s fraud. MY FIL did it for his motorbike. Crashed it then took out insurance and tried to claim it. He got caught because they looked through hospital records when he was injured (yeah, he’s that stupid!). They’ll look into EVERYTHING!!!

 My partner had been feeling really ill for years, no doctor could find out what was wrong, but when he applied for life insurance the tests the insurance company put him through showed up he had diabetes, so he was declined cover. (But at least he could get the correct treatment). So all types of insurance companies do look into EVERYTHING.

Their whole focus is on finding any way they can to decline the claim.

And it is fraud.

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