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Grocery shopping budget

Answered 3 months ago

Who here has to go groceries on a budget of pretty much nothing? I mean like $20, $30, $40 etc a week regularly. Family 4 (one is a baby)
How do you do it. What kind of food do you buy or make to feed everyone

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3 months ago
Hi OP - we have some great articles that can help you out with this. Here's a couple, but we have plenty more on the SAHM website.
$20 Grocery Budget To Feed Your Family When You are Broke
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3 months ago
Rice & pasta can be a good basics to get, look out for half price sales. Also look into non- meat protein, like TVP - textured vegetable protein,
it rehdrates like mince. Like the other poster suggested, look for your local charities &/ or food bank. You can generally get food for or at a very low cost. Goodluck

3 months ago
Ask your supermarket when they usually mark down items. That way hopefully you can get things like meat, milk and bread cheaper. Check out what's on clearance too.
Overnight oats are good for breakfast and you can make different flavours.
Also check if there is a community food pantry nearby and don't be afraid to use it.