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Answered 7 months ago

My husband won’t get help, he thinks that nothing is wrong with him it’s all me of course! He is addicted to electronics and is always on his phone, Xbox, or laptop. He even walks around with headphones on and is constantly listening to a sporting match or podcasts.
I’m at a loss at what to do because I can’t afford to leave, I know I should because our constant fighting is upsetting our daughter. It wouldn’t annoy me so much its just every weekend he is ‘sick’, so he plants himself on the couch or in bed whilst I’m doing all the child minding, cooking, cleaning, washing (not his clothes I’m not that silly). I try and have an adult discussion about it, and he is dismissive and turns everything I say into a fight. Today he tried to tell me that I do nothing around the house, and he has been watching me for the last 2 weeks.. He wanted me to list 3 things I’ve done.. Like WTF! I didn’t say anything because I don’t need to prove anything! It also pisses me off because he ignores our daughter, yes, he plays with her but 10 mins a day is nothing! Idk I’m at a loss, I have no extended family of my own, so I feel trapped .

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7 months ago
Ooooohhh i think some couples counseling is in order here

7 months ago
Why can't you afford to leave? Would you be elegible for Centrelink?


7 months ago
why wouldn't you suggest counselling before encouraging another failed marriage?....