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What's a good brand of active wear?

Can't really afford lorna Jane unless on super sale what other brands are there? What do you find comfortable? What washes well?


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Lorna jane is not good quality

 I beg to differ. The quality of their leggings are fantastic. They are much thicker and more durable than any other I've tried.
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 Its a personal taste but I think most of the Lorna Jane looks garish and cheap, even though it costs heaps.
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 Yes I have bought Kmart stuff over lorna j
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Ive mostly brought target brand stuff and always been happy

I have had running bare stuff that lasted ages, also Nike & Adidas. But I don't know if the quality is what it used to be with Adidas. Anyway, I find stuff from sports shops on special is fine

I'm not sure if Jim Kidd is only Perth based, but check them out. Brand name stuff like Adidas, Running Bare really cheap.