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Free exercise activities in your suburb?

Hi All, I was interested in free(trying to save $$) sports/exercise/group activities and thought we could share info. I know Lululemon does free yoga and walking/running groups. But none are near me. Don't want to post my suburb, I'm in Melbourne. Thought everyone could post any thing they know with the suburb to share


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So to summarize;

Lululemon - yoga and walking/running groups @ various locations across Victoria, see in store for details

Lululemon - notice board, has flyers of local groups

Live Life Get Active - groups across Victoria - X-training, boxing & yoga, mon-fri - This is probably the best here!

Parkrun - 357 groups across Australia

Youtube - everything free in the comfort of your own home!

MEGA - Mums Exercise Group Australia

Some Councils offer free group workouts

Burnley Bouldering wall

Meetup - website has groups of ppl running free activities such as 'The Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle' group and more

Dandenong 1000 steps

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 This post and suggestions are great. thank you
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 : )
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OMG! to this person;
'Do you have private health insurance? Even just extras insurance? Im with HBF and they offer free bootcamp’s all over the place... Other funds might do the same'
Thank - you!
I'm with Medibank and just checked out what they do. They have FREE circuit training, boxing and yoga mon-fri at a bunch of diff locations across Melbourne with a trainer. It's just register and rock up when you want and train at your level. I had no idea! I'm been paying for private health for years and didn't know this was available!

 I'll 2nd that thanks and raise you. Medibank do 5 FREE sessions a week in heaps of locations
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 Live Life Get Active program, Medibank are partners
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 Yep, I joined Live Life Get Active last year. Great and free
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To the person who posted about health insurance and bootcamp - THANK YOU!
I did my first Live Life Get Active class the other day, I'm a little sore, but feel better that I have done and started something. This is such a great free program. Really down to earth, friendly causal workout.

Anyone else started the Live Life Get Active program?

 yep just did!
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 Yep, so sore lol
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There is an add on Highpoint's website under 'what's happening' for the Live Life Get Active program that run in Burton Crescent Reserve

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Gonna join the Live Life Get Active program. They have had holidays and are back in action on Mon 22nd July

I'm going the Live Life Get Active program after reading this post!

 Me too!
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Try youtube - heaps of free workouts in your own home

Have a look and see if MEGA - mums exercise group Australia - have some activities around your area.

 Melbourne location link is not working!
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 Try messaging them on Facebook to let them know
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Testing if this link works for eastern suburbs Melbourne

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Anyone know of anything in the Greensborough (Victoria) area? Thanks

 anything? other than running groups : )
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 you could start a group?
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parkrun, free times 5km run every Saturday. They are all over look up the website and find your closest. Started 4 years ago and it was the best thing ever found our best friends and now running marathons

 What happens if you have never ran in your life?!?
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 how were your knees when you started?
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 I couldn't run when I started, loads of people walk. I am not a fast runner either but that does not matter.

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 Did your knees hold up? Any Pain?
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 Not really sure what you mean about knees..... running doesn't cause knee issues, if you don't listen to your body and stretch or do things correctly you can damage to any part of your body from any exercise.
Our bodies are made to move and run

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 I feel like I have granny knees, like arthritis or something, worried if I try to run it will make them worse. who knows, maybe they will improve?
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Hi OP, I know you mentioned Lululemon but thought I would also state that they have a community board with flyers and sometimes free bootcamps and thing of the area