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Why do some if these questions say "last answered 3 hours or 20 minutes ago" etc but when you go into the question there is nothing that recent and all say 17, 13 or 10 hours ago?

There are a couple threads im following and i think there is something new but when i go in its all much older stuff ive already seen?


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They count the replys to the answers as well. So if someone replys to an answer 20min ago it'll say that on the question page.

OP Yes i know but on the post i was folliwing thete weren't any replies to any answers. I always just scan through looking for the time frame and there was nothing even remotely close.
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Answers that get helpful votes etc can change the order of comments. *shrug*

 Yes but if you click on the right hand and change the order from most helpful to most recent sometimes you're still seeing the most recent post was hours ago even if it says mi Utes ago in the main page.
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This happens with the William tyrell post for me. Keeps coming up new but no one has added anything to it for months!

This has happened a few times to me. I think they just remove a comment and it still shows up as "last answered ... Ago".

Answered by SAHM Staff

It could possibly be that we've removed a comment, or it may just be a glitch (which can happen sometimes). We'll look into it and see if we can find out for you :-)

If they removed a comment, it would show up like a new comment was made