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Teachers aide, Kindergarten teacher assistant

I'm interested in hearing from teachers aides and kinder teacher assistants. I am trying to decided on a new career path. I keep coming back to kinder teacher assistant but as i have back issues and arthritis in my knees i feel that this job may be a bit harsh on my body. I am also considering becoming a teachers aide, What i would like to know from the kinder T.A's is a realistic view of what the job is like on your body. From the T.A's i would like to know the pro's and con's please


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Im a diploma qualified kindy assistant. Very physical job, always carrying kids, mobing furniture, assembling equipment and pulling it down, running to keep kids from fighting, breaking up fights, always getting down to their level etc. Work load is hard, my teacher is abit lazy though so i pick up alot of slack esp with the paperwork/observations etc. Pay isnt great, but isnt the worse either. Kids are cool- i like kids. Some are arseholes though. Lots of parents are arseholes!!!

I've been a Teachers Aide for 6 years and love my job. I work with Primary kids age 9-12. It's not physically demanding at all.
Pros - very rewarding, build up a rapport with the children, hours are great, school holidays!
Cons - the money isn't overly good.

I've done both. Both extremely rewarding but in my opinion teacher/integration aide is loads easier. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly challenging at times but less draining. Early childhood 18 years and school 8 years. I absolutely love my job. I wouldn't say teachers aide is very physically draining at all. Pros are definitely the connections you build with students. I couldn't imagine working in any other field really :)

Kindy teacher assistants set up outdoor play equipment, which is heavy and awkward. They hang work up around classrooms, requiring stability on step ladders. They are constantly squatting to children's height to converse with them and assist them, even someone with great knees will find them sore in their first few weeks.

Don't become a T A if you have back and knee issues.

 Please explain?
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 Is that you Pauline? 🤣
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Awesome job but consider employment opportunities. Depending on where you live, it can be hard to get into, you'll be on contract with no guarantee of hours, probably no school holiday pay and permanency if incredibly hard to secure.

 I was lucky that I was offered work at my children's school while doing the Teachers Aide course, and I have received holiday pay since I started. You're right that there's no guarantee of hours for the next year, this depends what funding the school receives at the end of each year, and yes you have to wait several years to get permanent hours. (I should have put this in my cons). You just need to weigh it all up I guess and see if it suits your needs.
(I am previous poster - have been a Teachers Aide for 6 yrs)

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