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Money vouchers for preschool teachers

For those who DO give money or vouchers for preschool and kindy teachers, how much do you give? As end of year presents that is and I know not everyone does it but for those who do would love suggestions thank you.


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My friend owns a candle making business and she sells gorgeous air diffusers. They look lovely and only cost $12. We have 5 preschool teachers to buy for so she did a deal with me and gave me a discount for buying 5. My little girl chose the colours and smells. Then i wrote a card for each of them saying how wonderful they are in their job and that they made my daughter so excited and happy to be there each week- along with w favourite memory/activity of hers that they did. It isnt much- but my budget is tight. My little girl decorated the cards and did a drawing for them. We didnt wrap them but let the teachers choose which one they liked the smell of best. Sometimes somple is best. They all loved it but i think they appreciated the cards and pictures best.

We don't do money but we did get our daughters year 1 teacher a 1hr massage voucher, it cost $85 but boy does she deserve it!

We have 3 teachers in our class. I asked parents to donate $1, $2 or $3 per teacher as their budget allows or bring one two or three small gifts. . Some people gave $5 per teacher. Others gave small gifts like soap to put in a basket we will make up. this allows for regifting stuff or buying bargains.

OP I wish I could but don’t really know the other parents we’ll enough.
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 I put a note into the kids pigeon holes with my back details on it
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$20-30. It’s worth communicating with other parents and maybe getting vouchers for the same place so that he/she can use them combined and get something bigger.

OP I wish I could do this but I’m new to the centre and I feel like the other mums won’t appreciate it.such a good idea though thank you,
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I have 8 kids and give each teacher $100 cause they put up with my little shits