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So schools opening back up as of next week but is anyone still keeping their kids home and is it counted as authorised absence still?


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Yes, so from Monday all kids must be at school, no absences given... can't take them shopping or have more then 5 friends near them.. but school is suddenly magically fuckin safe. As long as no parents enter the grounds.

Anyone else feel like we will be sending our kids in to a time bomb??

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 Yes of course. The second wave will hit and the government dont care so long as people get back to work.
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 That is not true. They are as anxious about a second wave as anyone here, and they are doing everything to prevent that. They are also doing their best to support everyone here to the limits that they can, within reason judging by all the packages and the slow release of lockdowns. I feel like we should be grateful for the situation we have avoided and remember that. Also that we have economic support. Nothing will ever be ideal, especially in situations so unknown as these. But keeping kids home, is the lesser evil here. No one said the school is 100% safe, in fact I have heard premieres say expect things to not be perfect. At my schools, the amount of effort the teachers are putting in is tremendous. My hands are dry from all the hand sanitiser I use all day every day.
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 *keeping kids at school is the lesser evil. Economically, mental health, learning, and health wise. Though a lot would follow the rules, a lot would not
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Kids must go to school. I dont agree with all the rulesespecially given winter is coming and we are expected to wait out in the cold and rain for them to allow kids in the gate or out of the gates. SMH if its safe for people to go out its safe for kids to go back to normal. If not then they need ro go back to lockdown measures. Aka homeschooling.

No there will be no authorised absences anymore and no I will not be keeping my children home.

You should have had a letter from your school? I did but can't remember what it said about absences, just that if you don't send them they are not responsible for providing learning material unless there is a medical reason.

It was counted as an absence last term even though the school recommended it. My kids had like 75% absence or something ridiculous because of it

 Can you fight that? Scott Morrison himself said it won’t be counted as absence.
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 It's absense but marked off as reasonable excuse given
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 I went to the school the day I took my daughter out (when this started to get bad) and they did a special absence dated to first day of the holidays. When school returned I rang them again and I gave them a date she will possibly return
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I am a teacher and the recent DFE guidance states that if you choose not to send your child in it will be an authorised absence. At least for this next stage I suppose! In my opinion, keep them home. They will be safer there.