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Boring question haha

Non stick pans!
Please give me recommendations for the best non stick pans that actually work. Price isn't really an issue, we will pay if they actually work!


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I have tried expensive pans and cheap ones. I reckon it's best to just go with a cheaper one and replace it when they end up sticking. Lashed out on two Baccarat pans and after the first wash they were useless - and I followed the seasoning tips too!

Barraca stone ware or le cruest

OP Thankyou!!
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 I Have this too, they are great.
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Solidteknics is Australian made and has a multi-century warranty so you can hand it down to the kids! It's wrought iron so lighter than cast iron. It is naturally non-stick so no nasty non-stick chemicals. There's a huge online Facebook community about all their pans and cooking with them. They do a huge range of saucepans and fry pans in steel and stainless (which aren't non-stick). Beware that they aren't cheap but given they are guaranteed basically forever it's money well spent.

Yes it is boring haha

OP I did warn you haha
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 Noooo! Scan pan are terrible! We got a lot of scan pan thinking they were great and they are all sticking after a few years?
To be fair they were good for about the first year

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