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WTAF is this really a thing?

My boyfriend broke up with me (I think) by changing his relationship status on Facebook. No fucking message, no call, not even having the balls to tell me to my face. How is this a suitable way to break up with someone? I’m absolutely gobsmacked. I really want to say something to him but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m not angry about the break up, I have known this would happen for a little over a week and accepted it, it’s how he did it that’s got me mad. Who the fuck does that?


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Might be a thing if you’re 12. That’s really gutless. Someone once broke up with me via text message. I thought that was low. Breaking up by changing your FB status is a new kind of low.

 I was broken up with by text message. From another girls phone
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OP Text message is pretty low but at least he gave you some sort of warning. I guess this is why I won’t bother until someone so fu****g special comes along they sweep me off my feet. This is what makes women bi****s.
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 It came out of nowhere actually. Got the text message and that was it. I was not expecting it.
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Better than a "Post it" haha

OP 😂😂 I think I would rather a post it. At least there’s some closure.
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Oh shit. That's pretty harsh

OP Thanks. I was livid. Now I’m just glad he did it to show me what he was really like.
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 Yeah Darling..
It's good that you got to know how immature he is before it's too late.
One of my close friend's three months boy friend ( best friend of one year and working in a one group) broken up recently the very next day after she really opened up and expressed her love to him. Since next day he like, vanished totally . No reply to messages, no phone answering still no explains. Instead he made a very articulated written complain to their group supervisor regarding the girl ( with totally fake and made up complaint and had collected signs from other group members). My friend only has realized the guy has broken up only when the kind old supervisor showed the complained letter to her.
We wouldn't surprise as that guy was behaving some immature behaviors like a teenage most of times even thpugh he is nearly 30.

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Wow, That’s a really low move. Sad he can’t be mature or respectful

OP Thanks. That’s all I was wanting was something mature. Even if high school I had boys more mature breaking up with me rather than this shit.
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 Low class trash don’t even worry about him
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OP Thank you 💖
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You must have been a really shit girlfriend

 Maybe he was just a really basic guy?
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OP 😂😂 maybe I was. Or maybe the new chick has been around longer than I knew about. 💁‍♀️
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Answered by OP

I also got a snap last weekend from some random woman, it was a photo of him and then another of him and her. Hope he treats her better than he treated me 😂

 How old are you all?
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OP He’s 37. I’m 27. If we were younger I could maybe understand this sort of behaviour, but he is a fu****g adult with children. I just cut my losses and moved on with my life. Didn’t reply or retaliate. I’m too old for that bullshit
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 Sorry to say he will. For a while anyway till someone else comes along. Rinse and repeat. Lol
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Did you find out why

OP No I didn’t. I haven’t even bothered talking to him, although I really do want to find out why. I have a feeling he had been seeing someone else for a couple of weeks before he broke up with me.
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 Charming! And the random snap chat? 👎She sounds just as childish as him.
Where do people get off? At least you know you deserve better, and hopefully you find someone who's an adult, and not a grown a*s man child!

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I broke up with my husband through text message lol.
We’d been fighting heaps and we were having a really big fight and he stormed out for the 112th time (he’s getting better but at any conflict or disagreement he would usually just walk out and be gone for 3/4 hours)
I’d really had enough and I shocked the shit out of him one time by texting him to stay gone I can’t do this anymore I can’t and won’t spend the rest of my life with someone who refuses to have a conversation when he’s uncomfortable or doesn’t like what I have to say. Told him to think long and hard about his plan of how he would like custody and stuff to look like that I already know and when he’s ready he can come to me and we will sort it out.
He came back like usual and tried to ignore the argument till it dissipated a week later as we usually do but I said 2 or 3 days later what did you decide about how you wanna do this and he was gobsmacked.

Sometimes breaking up by text can have context lol I also laugh a little when people say how low it is cos I’m like shit maybe he’s right maybe I do do mean things to him haha

 I was dumped via text. It was purely a gutless act. We hadn’t been fighting or anything. He just wanted the easy way out.
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 U didn't cheat or call his mum a c#nt or some unforgivable act did u?
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 ^im the poster above you. If you are asking me, nope didn’t cheat. Nope didn’t call his mum a c**t. He just decided he wanted to be single. We had only been together about 6 months (although we knew each other a year before we got together) and it absolutely gutted me. I was completely in love with him and I thought he was ‘the one’.
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OP I understand that context is important but at least you told him. I wasted my time on someone who couldn’t even fu****g message me.
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 Maybe you should have called his mamma a c#nt then
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