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How long does it take to get over tonsillitis?

My 12 year old was on antibiotics for ten days with no improvement. So doc said it must be viral and it should be better in a couple more days. It’s been 15 days now and still no improvement at all.


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I was treated for tonsillitis for a few days (told it should start improving within 3 days), saw a different doctor who then gave me steroids too, which made me feel better for the days I was on them, once finished back to crap again. Different doctor again (our practice has like 10 doctors), who upped the dosage of antibiotics but also ordered blood tests. A couple days later, get a call to say stop taking the antibiotics, I had glandular fever! Didn't initially suspect it because I wasn't tired, just had a sore throat, gross tonsils and swollen glands around my head/throat. So probably took a couple weeks all up for them to work it out.

I'd say it would be worth asking for some bloods to get done to make sure it's not something else.

 Thanks for your reply. We took her to hospital after ten days of antibiotics hadn’t helped. They said if it hadn’t helped then it’s viral and no medication would help. They said it could be glandular fever but there’s no meds for that anyway and said they didn’t want to subject my daughter to a blood test if there’s no treatment anyway. My husband accepted that. If I’d been there I would have demanded the test. I’m going to take her to a different hospital tomorrow. You have all the same symptoms as my daughter. But my daughter is also very tired and lethargic. Her tonsils are massive but hospital wasn’t concerned because they weren’t touching. There’s less than one centimetre gap between them.
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 Oh wow, my tonsils weren't that bad (it was only one side for me). They are right, there is nothing they can do for viral, but sometimes it's just nice to have an answer. And a blood test isn't that bad if she's not freaked out by needles. Hope she gets better soon!
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