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Travel to Indonesia

Hi ladies, has anyone had any problems at all taking prescribed medication into Indonesia. I'll be taking amitriptyline with me and a corticosteroid nasal spray. I just saw a story on ACA about a women arrested for having some meds. Freaking out a little 😱


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Take on my as much as you need, the original packet and your script and a note from your doctor and you will be fine. That woman who got jailed had more meds than what was prescribed. Also, think about the volumes of tourists who visit and the different medical conditions they might have and the meds they might need. The prisons are not over flowing with tourists who brought their prescribed meds into the country with them.

 Thankyou for your calm reply 😊
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For crying out loud, don't ask us, ask the bloody government or the bloody embassy. Because if you get busted our bloody government won't help you out, they only bend over for those corrupt dirty Indonesian scumbags!

I lived there for 20 years and I always brought the prescription or a letter from the Dr. I also do that anywhere I travel if the medicine is important to me my kids. It is just common sense as drugs are treated differently all over the World. Singapore still has the death penalty for drugs and yet in Australia, they give people a bond and send them home. Common sense is the key.

Make sure there is a letter from your doctor, with an itemised list of your medications. Make sure your medications are ALL in their correct boxes and in a bag with the paperwork. If you do things correctly you won’t have an issue

Simple question, why would you want to go to Indonesia?

 Travelled all over Australia several times but never been overseas. It's our 10th anniversary and we want somewhere to go that is quick and cheap :)
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 Happy anniversary, have a great trip. 😊
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 ^awwww Thankyou. Xx
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I always take a nasal spray with me. There’s no script. I’ve never been questioned.

Just don't try & put them in your boogie board cover

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